Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Well hubby went back to work on Monday, and I'm surviving!!! Monday went better than expected, while L and EK were napping I was able to put together a casserole so when it came to dinner time I just heated the oven and put the casserole in:) To top things off EVERYONE including M liked and ate the casserole, WOO-HOO that's a HUGE win!
Tuesday went well, even with two extra kids, my niece and nephew! My sister in law called yesterday morning wanting me to watch them so she could go with her mom to a doctors appointment. She was suppose to be at my house by 11am well finally at 12:25pm she shows up! Of course it was lunch time, the kids hasn't had lunch so I had to make them lunch. I never heard from her till she finally rolled up in my drive at 4:30 to get the kiddos. I find it very fishy and have to wonder if her mom actually had a doctors appointment?! I say this based on previous experience. I'm happy to help out, enjoy having my niece and nephew I just don't like being taken advantage of!
Yesterday afternoon my mom came by to stay with the kiddos so I could run and get lab work done without having to take everyone :) While I was out I stopped by a local nursing store to check EK's weight because my mom was concerned and thus had me worried that EK wasn't gaining/ growing; even though she was content, wetting and dirtying diapers. Well no worries she is past her birth weight :) she is 8lbs 0.7 oz. So I was happy to have affirmation that she is growing and I'm doing a good job of breast feeding. Next Friday is EK's 1 month check-up so we will see what the pediatrician has to say.
Next week starts the "craziness"!!!! I have 2 doctors appointments, one of which I will have to take all the kids with me! EK has her 1 month check-up and will have to take all the kiddos with me once again! Mon- Wed night of next week M has a cheerleading clinic; Tues night we have a kindergarten parent night and Thurs night we have school supply drop off night and meet the teachers (school starts the 15th).
Lets hope with the "craziness" beginning I can get some more energy/ more sleep. EK is still not a great night time sleeper- hoping it will come with time! Couple that with L not sleeping well/  refusing to sleep in her bed so its a nightly struggle and even if we do get her to sleep in her bed at some point in the middle of the night she comes in our room and gets in our bed. So when I do get to sleep its not very comfortable because I usually have little space or have feet in my back etc... I just keep telling myself in time it will work out and I will miss these nights ;)
So like I said I'm in survivor mode right now, I don't feel like the greatest mom but I'm doing the best I can!

Friday, July 26, 2013

A new experience

I've had a new experience with EK that I didn't think I would get to experience- breast feeding:) With L, my milk production was never very good, and I couldn't get her to latch properly. I attribute both of these issues to two seperate things: 1. My milk production because I didn't ask for a lactation consultant right away; L was given a bottle in the nursery (unbeknownst to us until discharge and against our wishes); and the fact that I didn't start pumping right away either. 2. When I did finally have a lactation consultant in my room I had an "audience" my mom and H were visiting and it was very distracting and uncomfortable having them in the room. However at the time I didn't know these were probably my issues, I assumed do to my augmentation/ reduction surgery that is why I had issues with bf and assumed I would have the same issues this time but was willing to try again (mind you last time with L I pumped till she was 4 months old however I was getting very little breast milk and she was receiving majority formula.
This time around with EK I made it known I was bf and she was not to receive a bottle. I also requested a lactation consultant right away. I think these two things made quite the difference! The LC started me pumping after every feeding for 15 min to help my milk production. Although EK lost more than 10% of her body weight by the time we left the hospital, I increased feedings to every 1.5 hrs and she gained a couple of ounces in one day!! Since leaving the hospital I've been able to bf exclusively with no supplementing of formula:) and no pumping!!! I'm so thankful and blessed to have this experience and special time with EK!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hospital stay

So my hospital stay was not what I pictured. I knew going in this time I would be spending the first 24 hrs in ICU, so that wasn't a shock like last time. However I was surprised that I was only allowed to see EK during feedings and once the feeding was over it was back to the nursery for her. I also was taken aback by having to have someone from the nursery with her/ me at all times- nothing like having a stranger in the room when your breast feeding! I was also bummed in the or, because I only got to see EK, I wasn't able to hold her. I was surprised that I was so sick after my c-section. I usually don't get sick after surgery etc... But I didn't eat anything until late that night and it was crackers (aside from the Popsicle I had earlier in the evening), thankfully by the next morning I was feeling a little better and able to eat some breakfast and keep it down! Speaking of food- I was so not impressed with the hospital food- and they had me on a regular diet, but the menu consisted of a lot of sandwiches and homemade soups with no flavor. I was so glad to get home and have my momma's hot homemade food:)
Another "disappointment" of my hospital stay was the lack of rest I got! I know the nurses have to come in for vitals but it seemed like someone from the hospital was constantly in my room (and when your breast feeding every 2 hours and then pumping for 15 minutes afterwards it seemed like everyone in the hospital saw my breasts!!). Then you add the construction going on right outside my hospital window it was constant noise and commotion! I had all intentions of staying the "extra" day however I wanted some rest and I knew I wasn't going to get it at the hospital- I really wanted my bed!!!! The hospital bed was so uncomfortable. EK didn't like the isolet so I was hoping when we got home she would like the bassinet however she wasn't a fan of that either- she took some getting use to it and is doing better:) Until then though we/ I spent a lot of nights in the recliner!
Then there was the loneliness, I know your asking how could I be lonely with the constant whirlwind of hospital staff in my room but I was! Hubby was hardly ever at the hospital- he was working out, going to lunch and/ or dinner- instead of bringing it back to my room and eating with me; or home sleeping/ napping. My mom came one afternoon with my kiddos but it was crazy with them and it was hard on her to bring them. One night I did have a friend, uncle, cousins and brother/ sister in law all come to see me in one night. It just like I said wasn't what I expected, I thought hubby would be at the hospital more but he was too busy taking care of himself! Since we've been home we haven't had any visitors except the grandparents- I'm really surprised by this but it is what it is. Thankfully my mom has been a HUGE HUGE help with everything!!! She even took the kids school supply shopping for me:)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Quite the adjustment!!'

It's been quite the adjustment for all!  I'm going to start with the birth story. My sister in law was suppose to be at our house bright and early July 9th, however promptness and early morning are not her strong suit so thankfully my dad was able to come to our house while the kiddos slept until she arrived (30 minutes late !). Thank goodness we made it on time to the hospital and they got me in triage hooked up to monitors fairly quickly. Of course there ended up being an emergency case that pushed my time back, so we sat and waited to go back to the or. I was happy with the nurse and especially the anesthesiologist I ended up with- she was fabulous!!! Once it was our turn to go to the or, I was wheeled back and it was 30 min before hubby could come into the room. The sound of our little girls quite loud cry was the best sound!!! The csection went smoothly, and then it was time to find out exactly what the mass on my placenta was- it turned out to be nothing more than a large blood clot that ruptured when the doc went to remove it. The clot was large enough that it held about a pint of blood!!! They did send my placenta off for biopsy however we haven't heard anything, but the doctor didn't expect it to be anything but a large clot. The bummer was I only got to see our little girl, I wasn't able to hold her, she went off to the nursery and I was taken to ICU for a 24 hour observation. Thankfully later in the day they did bring her to ICU for me to see her and feed her :) In the 24 hours that I was in ICU she was only allowed in my room for feelings and someone from the nursery had to stay with her at all times. I was so glad to finally get moved to the regular mommy/ baby floor the next day (although it was not a peaceful or restful time- do to constant activity of nurses, aides etc and then the construction outside my window- the hospital is expanding)!!My recover in ICU was rough!!! I was sick at my stomach, couldn't eat anything and was throwing up what little I did take in- this was quite a surprise being I did great after L's birth.
Another change from L's birth is we made sure that EK did not get a bottle, that I was able to breast feed right away/ as soon as I could and they brought in a breast pump as well. Thankfully I'm having a much easier and successful time breast feeding EK; something I did not have with L :) With that said my time in the hospital more people saw my boobs than I care to count!! It amazed me how many people would either just walz in or would knock and barge in not waiting for a response! When your feeding every 2 hours and then pumping for 15 minutes after your boobs are out quite a bit- lol!!! But I'm so thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to breast feed successfully our little one:)
Okay my thoughts are all over the place I'm sure due in part to lack of sleep, so I will continue this update in another post.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SHE IS HERE!!!!!!!

I finally feel like giving a little update, will post more later:) My c-section went smoothly other than being delayed due to an emergency c-section. Our newest little princess was born at 11:08am , she weighted 7lbs 15oz and 19 inches long, she is absolutely gorgeous and we are completely in love with her!!! She has some hair but we haven't figured out the color quite yet. She has great color, great apgar scores, she's doing fantastic. I had a rough day yesterday but feeling much better and looking forward to being moved out of the ICU and into a regular mother/ baby room!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

One more day!!!!!

I can't believe only one more day!!!! Tomorrow we meet our sweet baby girl E :) I'm anxious, nervous, excited and I think ready. I'm starting to get emotional, knowing this will be my last pregnancy, last time I feel a little one kick inside of me etc... I'm nervous about how everything will go with me, with the baby and with my babies at home. I'm nervous about recovery, and taking care of 4 kiddos. I'm excited to see what our little one looks like, how big she will be etc... So many emotions I'm going through, and I'm not feeling well today, tired, back hurts and upset stomach with all that going on I don't feel like I'm being a very good mommy:( I'm trying to get the house straightened/ cleaned, last minute errands, and last little bit of laundry- and all I want to do is sit down and snuggle with my little ones!!! I also need to get all their clothes/ stuff packed for my parents house for the week and pack myself- I have no idea what to take to the hospital- PLEASE, I would love some suggestions!!! I cannot remember what I wore/ took to the hospital 2 yrs ago with L.
On another note, Saturday M and I had some fun girls bonding time just the two of us:) We went a to get our nails done, M got a mani/ pedi and I got a mani. M picked out neon yellow for her toes, and watermelon red and green for her nails- typical M :) I got a light nude color, gives the illusion of a French mani with the cost:) Then we went and got M a sweet treat- I had a few bites, yummo!!! Then we went and got M 's hair trimmed- she really wants bangs but I'm just not sure, they are a lot of maintence and work!! Then we ran a few errands just us girls. She is growing up so fast, I can't believe she is going to be 8yrs old in just a couple of months!!! I cherish our one on one time:)

** I will try to update as soon as I can, but after my csection I will be spending a minimum of 24 hrs in ICU :( So it may be a day or two, but as soon as I can I will :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Last doctors appointment!!!!

This morning I had my last OB appointment, it was the works: N S T, us, and doc appointment. Everything went well, little miss cooperated for the N S T- actually quite active, had to keep moving the monitor to keep her on it! The us looked great- good heartbeat, fluid, cord flow etc... Little miss has dropped and is head down- ready :) They are measuring her at 7lbs 11oz. The doc checked me and doesn't look like "I will mess up our plans" as the doc said, bc I'm not dilated etc... So it looks like everything is ago for next Tuesday July 9th when we will finally meet our littlest princess- I cannot wait!!!!! I'm so excited (and nervous).
Completely off subject- I'm finally starting to buy a few things for little miss. (we have ALL of L's baby stuff and they are the same season so there really hasn't been a need to buy much) I bought some burp cloths, bibs and a gown off Et.s.y - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that site!!! However I waited a little to late to purchase stuff so what I'm really looking for and found on the site I won't get in time for the hospital:( I want a cotton hat with a bow- I can't find one ANYWHERE in town! I've looked and reached out to people I thought might know to no avail. I know it's not the end of the world etc just had my heart set on something like that for hospital pictures. The stuff I did order, the people said would be here by next wk- however I'm a little concerned bc none of it has shipped!
Tomorrow- I'm looking forward to this:) M and I are going to have some bonding girl time!!!! My parents are suppose to bring the kiddos back tomorrow morning- I hope they don't disappoint! In the afternoon, while L naps, H and daddy are going to hang out and M and I are going to get our nails done, get her some ice cream or whatever treat she wants and maybe a little shopping too:)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Bummer 4th of July

Well it was a wet dreary 4th of July here!!! The kiddos left early yesterday morning with my parents, they went to the lake house for a couple of days. After the kiddos left, hubby left for the gym, and the house was quiet too quiet!!!! I missed my babies, I missed them all day and still do- but they are having a great time with my parents, brother, cousins, and my aunt and uncle- even with the crappy weather. Hubby and I decided to go to a movie yesterday afternoon, given the weather etc... Well by the time hubby got home from the gym, took a shower and we got to the theater- the movie was sold out:( apparently we weren't the only ones with the idea to go to the movies yesterday!! So we went home, hubby napped and I watched some tv, washed dishes and made his breakfast muffins.
We decided to go out to this little burger joint in town (we called before hand to make sure they were opened), I've been craving their turkey burger and onion rings- it's sooooo yummy!!! It's not a place we can take the kiddos for several reasons- parking is on street which often means walking a ways; it's a small place- 4, two top tables; and they don't have anything M would eat. So it was a perfect night to go, we found on street parking right outside the place, went in ordered and waited for our order. I had just said to hubby that I've been craving this! when they announced they were out of turkey- WHAT??!!! So I cancelled my order/ got my money back but hubby really loves their buffalo burger so he went ahead and ate. Talk about a real disappointment! So we headed home, because nothing sounded good except that burger and onion rings:( I just wanted to go to bed, but of course there was all kinds of fireworks in the neighborhood! Ugh! Not exactly the 4th I had hoped for! Hope everyone else's 4th was better than mine and the weather cooperated!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Single digits!!!!!!

Woo-Hoo!!!! We are in single digits, next Tuesday we will get to meet our sweet little girl!!!! YAY!!!!
Today I got a few more things ticked off my to do list before EK arrives. I took H to the allergist, scheduled his allergy testing- looks like hubby will be taking him for that :) My mom has offered to go with him as well.
I got L's hair cut for the first time. I was so nervous about doing this, bc I didn't want her to lose her curls. L was not a fan of getting her hair cut, I had to hold her and even then it was a battle. So no pictures of the actual haircut, but pictures after. Afterwards L was so proud of her "haircup", she was flashing that princess smile!! LOL!!! The haircut looks cute, and the curls are still there:)
Next up was the card store, to get all the bday, anniversary etc cards for the month of July. This went quickly and glad to get it done! Then it was time to take H to the barbershop for his haircut. I'm not taking him again, I told my husband his hair can get down to his feet before I will take him again, he was horrible!!! He was calling me names in front of everyone, just plain acting out. Thankfully it was our last stop for the day!
Still more things to get done on the to-do list but still have a little time.

Not quite what I had planned :(

So Saturday I thought we would have a "family day" since our family is about to change. First off we had L's two yr pictures. Well that is the first time we've spent so little at a photo studio on any of our kiddos. I had two outfits picked out, we managed to only get pictures in one. Typically this studio takes upwards of 70+ photos during a session, we managed to get 7! L just was not having it, I think it was a combination of things- L is shy around people she doesn't know/ large groups etc...; the backdrop coming down scared her and she is two and if she doesn't want to do something good luck getting her to do it!!! If this had happened when the other two kiddos were little I would've been upset but with the third, it is what it is, and I was thankful to get one picture that is all L and we got a great deal:)
Next up was stroller shopping because we still don't have a double stroller! Well apparently NO ONE in a 50+ mile radius carries the stroller in the store! And only one online store with a decent return policy has it in stock. So now I have to order the stroller online and hope that it will work.
Next up was lunch and family date at the movies:) Well hubby was in a very grumpy mood, so it probably wasn't best to attempt this but we did. It was nap time and we were hoping L would nap, but no she was uncooperative, spilling water everywhere, being disruptive and hubby took her out of the theater; M and H were scared of the movie, and H stands up and nice and loud says I'm scared I'm going home NOW! So I had to take M and H out of the theater and didn't see the rest of the movie- total bust on family movie date!
We headed home, I put L down for her nap and then attempt to nap myself except that hubby decided to join me and he was snoring something terrible= no nap for me but a great one for him!
I needed a do- over for Saturday!!!!!!!
I still need to order the stroller, still need to get bassinet sheets/ king size pillowcase covers bc the bassinet sheets that are made for the bassinet are not soft at all and I can't find any others that will fit! I really want some personalized burp cloths and bibs, but I'm struggling with this too- UGH!!! Just wasn't the day I had planned:(
**oh and to top things off!!** Hubby has been planning on taking 3 weeks vacation when I have the baby (originally the plan was 4 wks but he took a week off with my surgery back in Feb.). Well his boss informed him on Friday he can't! He can only take 2 weeks at a time and even that he has to get "special approval", which means I will only have help the first week I'm home from the hospital :( I'm really nervous about handling everything. I'm worried about juggling 4 kiddos, 2 in diapers, breast feeding all on very little sleep. I'm very very excited to meet our little bundle but nervous about how I will handle things!