Friday, July 5, 2013

Bummer 4th of July

Well it was a wet dreary 4th of July here!!! The kiddos left early yesterday morning with my parents, they went to the lake house for a couple of days. After the kiddos left, hubby left for the gym, and the house was quiet too quiet!!!! I missed my babies, I missed them all day and still do- but they are having a great time with my parents, brother, cousins, and my aunt and uncle- even with the crappy weather. Hubby and I decided to go to a movie yesterday afternoon, given the weather etc... Well by the time hubby got home from the gym, took a shower and we got to the theater- the movie was sold out:( apparently we weren't the only ones with the idea to go to the movies yesterday!! So we went home, hubby napped and I watched some tv, washed dishes and made his breakfast muffins.
We decided to go out to this little burger joint in town (we called before hand to make sure they were opened), I've been craving their turkey burger and onion rings- it's sooooo yummy!!! It's not a place we can take the kiddos for several reasons- parking is on street which often means walking a ways; it's a small place- 4, two top tables; and they don't have anything M would eat. So it was a perfect night to go, we found on street parking right outside the place, went in ordered and waited for our order. I had just said to hubby that I've been craving this! when they announced they were out of turkey- WHAT??!!! So I cancelled my order/ got my money back but hubby really loves their buffalo burger so he went ahead and ate. Talk about a real disappointment! So we headed home, because nothing sounded good except that burger and onion rings:( I just wanted to go to bed, but of course there was all kinds of fireworks in the neighborhood! Ugh! Not exactly the 4th I had hoped for! Hope everyone else's 4th was better than mine and the weather cooperated!

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