Monday, July 1, 2013

Not quite what I had planned :(

So Saturday I thought we would have a "family day" since our family is about to change. First off we had L's two yr pictures. Well that is the first time we've spent so little at a photo studio on any of our kiddos. I had two outfits picked out, we managed to only get pictures in one. Typically this studio takes upwards of 70+ photos during a session, we managed to get 7! L just was not having it, I think it was a combination of things- L is shy around people she doesn't know/ large groups etc...; the backdrop coming down scared her and she is two and if she doesn't want to do something good luck getting her to do it!!! If this had happened when the other two kiddos were little I would've been upset but with the third, it is what it is, and I was thankful to get one picture that is all L and we got a great deal:)
Next up was stroller shopping because we still don't have a double stroller! Well apparently NO ONE in a 50+ mile radius carries the stroller in the store! And only one online store with a decent return policy has it in stock. So now I have to order the stroller online and hope that it will work.
Next up was lunch and family date at the movies:) Well hubby was in a very grumpy mood, so it probably wasn't best to attempt this but we did. It was nap time and we were hoping L would nap, but no she was uncooperative, spilling water everywhere, being disruptive and hubby took her out of the theater; M and H were scared of the movie, and H stands up and nice and loud says I'm scared I'm going home NOW! So I had to take M and H out of the theater and didn't see the rest of the movie- total bust on family movie date!
We headed home, I put L down for her nap and then attempt to nap myself except that hubby decided to join me and he was snoring something terrible= no nap for me but a great one for him!
I needed a do- over for Saturday!!!!!!!
I still need to order the stroller, still need to get bassinet sheets/ king size pillowcase covers bc the bassinet sheets that are made for the bassinet are not soft at all and I can't find any others that will fit! I really want some personalized burp cloths and bibs, but I'm struggling with this too- UGH!!! Just wasn't the day I had planned:(
**oh and to top things off!!** Hubby has been planning on taking 3 weeks vacation when I have the baby (originally the plan was 4 wks but he took a week off with my surgery back in Feb.). Well his boss informed him on Friday he can't! He can only take 2 weeks at a time and even that he has to get "special approval", which means I will only have help the first week I'm home from the hospital :( I'm really nervous about handling everything. I'm worried about juggling 4 kiddos, 2 in diapers, breast feeding all on very little sleep. I'm very very excited to meet our little bundle but nervous about how I will handle things!

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