Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hospital stay

So my hospital stay was not what I pictured. I knew going in this time I would be spending the first 24 hrs in ICU, so that wasn't a shock like last time. However I was surprised that I was only allowed to see EK during feedings and once the feeding was over it was back to the nursery for her. I also was taken aback by having to have someone from the nursery with her/ me at all times- nothing like having a stranger in the room when your breast feeding! I was also bummed in the or, because I only got to see EK, I wasn't able to hold her. I was surprised that I was so sick after my c-section. I usually don't get sick after surgery etc... But I didn't eat anything until late that night and it was crackers (aside from the Popsicle I had earlier in the evening), thankfully by the next morning I was feeling a little better and able to eat some breakfast and keep it down! Speaking of food- I was so not impressed with the hospital food- and they had me on a regular diet, but the menu consisted of a lot of sandwiches and homemade soups with no flavor. I was so glad to get home and have my momma's hot homemade food:)
Another "disappointment" of my hospital stay was the lack of rest I got! I know the nurses have to come in for vitals but it seemed like someone from the hospital was constantly in my room (and when your breast feeding every 2 hours and then pumping for 15 minutes afterwards it seemed like everyone in the hospital saw my breasts!!). Then you add the construction going on right outside my hospital window it was constant noise and commotion! I had all intentions of staying the "extra" day however I wanted some rest and I knew I wasn't going to get it at the hospital- I really wanted my bed!!!! The hospital bed was so uncomfortable. EK didn't like the isolet so I was hoping when we got home she would like the bassinet however she wasn't a fan of that either- she took some getting use to it and is doing better:) Until then though we/ I spent a lot of nights in the recliner!
Then there was the loneliness, I know your asking how could I be lonely with the constant whirlwind of hospital staff in my room but I was! Hubby was hardly ever at the hospital- he was working out, going to lunch and/ or dinner- instead of bringing it back to my room and eating with me; or home sleeping/ napping. My mom came one afternoon with my kiddos but it was crazy with them and it was hard on her to bring them. One night I did have a friend, uncle, cousins and brother/ sister in law all come to see me in one night. It just like I said wasn't what I expected, I thought hubby would be at the hospital more but he was too busy taking care of himself! Since we've been home we haven't had any visitors except the grandparents- I'm really surprised by this but it is what it is. Thankfully my mom has been a HUGE HUGE help with everything!!! She even took the kids school supply shopping for me:)

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