Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Well hubby went back to work on Monday, and I'm surviving!!! Monday went better than expected, while L and EK were napping I was able to put together a casserole so when it came to dinner time I just heated the oven and put the casserole in:) To top things off EVERYONE including M liked and ate the casserole, WOO-HOO that's a HUGE win!
Tuesday went well, even with two extra kids, my niece and nephew! My sister in law called yesterday morning wanting me to watch them so she could go with her mom to a doctors appointment. She was suppose to be at my house by 11am well finally at 12:25pm she shows up! Of course it was lunch time, the kids hasn't had lunch so I had to make them lunch. I never heard from her till she finally rolled up in my drive at 4:30 to get the kiddos. I find it very fishy and have to wonder if her mom actually had a doctors appointment?! I say this based on previous experience. I'm happy to help out, enjoy having my niece and nephew I just don't like being taken advantage of!
Yesterday afternoon my mom came by to stay with the kiddos so I could run and get lab work done without having to take everyone :) While I was out I stopped by a local nursing store to check EK's weight because my mom was concerned and thus had me worried that EK wasn't gaining/ growing; even though she was content, wetting and dirtying diapers. Well no worries she is past her birth weight :) she is 8lbs 0.7 oz. So I was happy to have affirmation that she is growing and I'm doing a good job of breast feeding. Next Friday is EK's 1 month check-up so we will see what the pediatrician has to say.
Next week starts the "craziness"!!!! I have 2 doctors appointments, one of which I will have to take all the kids with me! EK has her 1 month check-up and will have to take all the kiddos with me once again! Mon- Wed night of next week M has a cheerleading clinic; Tues night we have a kindergarten parent night and Thurs night we have school supply drop off night and meet the teachers (school starts the 15th).
Lets hope with the "craziness" beginning I can get some more energy/ more sleep. EK is still not a great night time sleeper- hoping it will come with time! Couple that with L not sleeping well/  refusing to sleep in her bed so its a nightly struggle and even if we do get her to sleep in her bed at some point in the middle of the night she comes in our room and gets in our bed. So when I do get to sleep its not very comfortable because I usually have little space or have feet in my back etc... I just keep telling myself in time it will work out and I will miss these nights ;)
So like I said I'm in survivor mode right now, I don't feel like the greatest mom but I'm doing the best I can!


  1. I love this kind of chaos. ; )

  2. So glad that the BFing is going better this time around. And I can't believe your SIL dropped off her 2 kiddos (and left them for so long) when you have your hands full with 3 kiddos and a new baby!