Friday, August 9, 2013

One Month Old :o

Yes, I know hard to our little EK is one month old!!!! We are all doing well and settling into a new normal/ chaos. I'm doing well, getting more confident about going out with the kiddos, although its still a juggling act with breast feeding and trying to get things done she eats every 2 hrs (dimetimes sooner!) I'm still not back to doing everything that I was before- haven't attempted the grocery shopping- although after hubby's half hearted attempts (without any kids) I think it's time I figure out how to grocery shop- preferably without the kiddos or at least all of them! Hubby either spends a fortune (getting name brand stuff and "extras" that weren't on the list or doesn't get the right stuff/ forgets to get everything on the list.
This week has been my "crazy" week with 3 doctors appointments; school mtgs and activities etc... But managed to get through it okay:) The kiddos start school next Thurs so that will be another adjustment/ new normal. I am hoping and praying the kiddos have a great school year!
Today we took EK for her 1 month check-up and she is doing great:) She's up to 8lbs 14oz and 21 in long- growing like a weed! Poor thing had to get a shot- broke momma's heart; never is easy when your kids are in pain :(
One of my "saving graces" has been some new meals/ recipes that are super easy, can be made ahead; and are large enough I can freeze half for another meal. And the awesome part is two of them have been a HUGE hit with M who hardly ever eats dinner, because she is BEYOND picky (she doesn't like meat, veggies etc... Makes dinner time really enjoyable *note the sarcasm!).
Well time to get a few things accomplished while EK is napping! I still have to plan/ work on H's birthday, next Saturday he will be 6yrs old !!!


  1. I can't believe one month has passed already. Time flies so quickly. It sounds like you are handling the transition to mom of 4 very well! Best of luck on the birthday party planning!

  2. it has not been that long! wow!