Monday, August 19, 2013

Kindergarten check-up, beginning of school, H's 6th birthday , EXHAUSTED

WHEW!!!! What a crazy busy week we had! H had his kindergarten check-up last Wed. afternoon luckily hubby kept M and L at home since he was home for lunch and I took H and EK with me. H was too funny at the doctors. When the nurse came to get him, he wouldn't get up till she answered his questions- am I getting a shot? Am I getting my finger pricked? Once she said no, he said okay, got up and followed her back. Once back in the room I reminded H goes by his middle name, so she showed him how she was going to change it in the computer, she asked H what he preferred to be called, he said hum (you could see the wheels turning!), then he replied LaVale. WHAT?! So the rest of the appointment they all referred to him as LaVale- LOL!!! H was messing with EK who was asleep in her carrier, I told him to leave her alone and let her sleep because if she wakes up she is going to want to eat. H then turns to the nurse and says "and you don't want to see that!" OMG! H was so thrilled when the nurse said he was going to have to pee in a cup- must be a boy thing! When the doctor came into the room she started off asking developmental questions like do you know your colors? H said no! I said yes you do! So the doctor had to test him on his colors to which of course he knew. The doctor said you do so know your colors, why did you say no? H said "just checkin to see if you do!". LOL! H got a great check-up :) He is in the 23% for weight and 9% for height- I wasn't shocked by this, the main thing is he is growing and he is healthy:)
Last Thursday was the kiddos first day of school, and they did awesome and had a fabulous first day (they had an early dismissal on Thursday to help them ease back into the school year). Since the kiddos are back in school I've found it's more, yes more of a challenge to do some things because L misses her bubby and sissy and she is bored so she is into A LOT more things especially when I'm feeding EK!
L is quite the handful because she is trying to be so independent, and VERY strong willed two year old! Trying to go anywhere with L and EK is quite the chore, trying to carry the car seat carrier and hope L will listen and follow directions. L HATES riding in carts at the store which is quite the challenge; getting into the car seat is also a battle. I keep trying to tell myself this too shall pass its a phase, however I'm overwhelmed with things and then factor in the lack of sleep. I'm now getting up to start my day at 5:30am unless EK has a feeding right around that time like this morning when my day started at 5:00am and no naps I'm running on very little sleep. EK is still on an every 2 hour feeding schedule. EK is not a great eater, often falling asleep so some feelings take 1-1.5 hours!!! I've tried everything I can think of, tickling her,taking her clothes off etc..
This past weekend was H's 6th birthday!!! I can't believe my baby boy is 6yrs old!! On Friday H took some cookies into school to celebrate- he was so excited to celebrate his actually birthday instead of his "fake" birthday as he called it (his preschool celebrated his half bday bc school didn't start in time for his actual bday). On Saturday we had his friends party at a local trampoline place. When I got up a few minutes after 6am to feed EK, H was already up- someone was VERY excited about his birthday:) His party went ok other than the trampoline place wouldn't allow outside food and drink and I was not aware of this policy so H was not able to have his cookie cake a juice boxes with his friends- I was not happy and I felt horrible!!! My mom made me feel worse by saying I really should check into these things before I plan etc... H didn't seem to mind, we had the cookie cake that evening with my brother, niece, nephew and my parents when we celebrated his birthday and he got his presents. H got all kinds of le.gos- I said he has so many now instead of moving we will just build an addition with them!!!
Yesterday we had EK's 6wk pictures taken (a little early she isn't 6weeks till tomorrow but with our schedules this is what worked best), it kind of snuck up on me with the start of school and H's birthday. Saturday afternoon/ evening and Sunday morning/ afternoon before pictures I was searching for fancy/ lacy white bloomers and a small bow headband for pictures. Sunday I finally found a place that said they had the bloomers (mind you the person I talked to on the phone was VERY rude)  so I loaded all the kiddos and headed there (hubby is at the gym almost all day on Sundays), when I get to the store, they don't have the bloomers they use to but they were out, and apparently the sales lady (same rude person I talked to on the phone) thought it was funny! I noticed they had headband bows, I asked what size it was and the last says "it has elastic, it will fit any size", so I try it on EK it's too big and falls right off! The sales lady them tells me I could cut the bow off the headband and use a little El.m,ers glue to stick it on EK's head- it's a photographers secret! REALLY?! What photographer because I want to make sure not to take my baby there! Needless to say after I left this place I was not happy!!!! I ended up having a meltdown, between the lack of sleep, the kids not behaving, not being prepared for pictures/ finding what I wanted and feeling like I have no help it was too much! THANKFULLY pictures turned out fabulous, EK did awesome and I found a couple of cute outfits in her closet for pictures.
Sorry for the long post, told ya we've been busy:) hope I didnt ramble too much! Thankfully this week looks pretty calm.

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