Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cardiologist check up for both of us

 Yesterday I had my follow up with the cardiologist and EK had her appointment to check out her heart (because of my congenital heart defect she needed to be checked out). I scheduled this appointment some time ago, then last week less than a week before my appointment the office calls to say that they can't get our echo's scheduled at the time they told me and could I come another day/ time?! I was beyond upset because here I thought it was scheduled and hubby had taken the day off to come with me. We were able to work it out that we went to the hospital right by the doctors office for the echo's then to the doctors office to see the doctor, however this meant we had to be at the hospital (downtown) for registration by 8:15- YUCK!!! We managed to get the 2 older kiddos ready for school (my mom took them for us), and the two younger ones ready in time to go, traffic was horrible but we got to the hospital no problem. The problems arose when we got to the hospital, they didn't have the orders for EK, then insurance denied her twice even though the day before we had received a letter saying she was covered! After several phone calls we got both issues straightened out. We finally headed to get our echo's. EK went first and she did quite well, I feed her during the procedure which helped. Then it was my turn, it was enjoyable- LOL! Yes in a dimmed room, laying on a bed covered up, yes I took a little nap while I had the echo. I'm telling you with the lack of sleep, when I see a bed I want to lay down and sleep, ask me to lay down where it's quiet and the lights are dim I'm going to fall asleep!!
After both of our echo's we trekked over to the doctors office to fill out a ton of paperwork and to sit and wait and wait!!! Finally we were called back where both EK and myself got weighted, blood pressure checks and ekg's. Little Miss Chunky Monkey weights 10lbs 8oz!!!!! I knew she had gained but not that much- wow!!! Then it was time to see the doctor, and I'm so HAPPY to say we both got great reports!!!! EK is a beautiful healthy little girl:) She has a small vsd, and slight murmur which are all absolutely normal for her age. They do want to see EK back in two yrs to make sure the vsd closed up and everything is still normal, which the fully expect it to be. My ticker is doing great, the doctor said looking at my echo/ ekg etc you would never know I've had a baby let alone two- that everything is the same no effects from the pregnancies. WOO-HOO!!!!!! That was the best news after spending ALL morning at the hospital/ doctors- it was after 12:00 by the time we got done! EK and L were both troopers. I was so so proud of L, she was in the stroller the whole time and did awesome!!! By the time we stopped and had lunch because we were all starving!! I had to drop hubby at his afternoon doctors appointment at the orthopedist (he's been released, just ease back into things the next couple of weeks), then head to M and H's school to pick them up. It was a long day but with great news:)

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  1. Glad all is well! I was born with a VSD too. Just had my echo done in preparation for labor. Never loads of fun!