Friday, June 28, 2013

One of my last appointments, getting closer!!!!

This week I had two N S T s, an ultrasound and doctors appointment. Everything looks great- YAY!!!! The doctor checked me and I'm not dilated so little miss isn't going to make an early appearance (in all likelihood). Next week I have my last two N S T's and my last ultrasound and doc appointment before the big day :)
This week I've been busy trying to "tie up loose ends" so to speak. I've paid the kiddos tuition for next school yr, took them to the dentist for their check up (all but L got a check up because hubby failed to add her to our insurance)- M did great, got an awesome report and looks like we will be seeing an orthodontist sooner rather than later, H had a rough time (poor guy is petrified of the dentist and has a horrible gag reflex) but we managed to get through it and he got a good report too!! I've moved some appointments around trying to get them taken care of before little Missy arrives.
Our "disappointing" news of the week is that hubby had planned and told his boss he was taking 3 weeks off when the baby comes (originally 4 wks but he took a week when I had surgery) at the beginning of the year, well yesterday his boss tells him he can't take 3 wks in a row off, company policy?! Wth?! So hubby will be off the week I'm in the hospital (minus the Monday before my scheduled c-section bc someone else needs that day off!) and then the following week, then I will be on my own with all 4 kiddos!! I'm not thrilled with this at all but nothing we can do about it! So hubby will take the last week off some other time.
That's the latest, sorry its a short post but since hubby doesn't do anything while I'm gone to the doctors, I have laundry waiting on me, chocolate chip muffins to make, breakfast muffins to make (for hubby's breakfasts), kiddo to get down for a nap, other kiddos to get cleaning up the "mess" they made while I was gone and phone calls to return- oh how I wish I could snap my fingers and it would get done and I could take a nap!!!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm still here!!! Catch up time:)

I had a crazy busy week last week and this week is some more of the same! Last Thursday L turned. 2 yrs old. We had my mom over for dinner that night and cupcakes, presents etc... (My dad had a dinner mtg). L absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED her bday present:) We got her a Min.nie Mo.Us.e VW bug car, and she's a riot in it, giggling, squealing and having a ball riding in it. We got an awesome deal on it, found a $50 off coupon!
Thursday morning/ afternoon I had my marathon/ the works appointment at the OB's. Everything looked great, our little one was VERY VERY active during the N S T and u.s. We FINALLY scheduled my c-sec.tio.n, so long as there are no complications btw now and then, little bit doesn't decide to come early etc her bday will be July 9th (15 days from today, yes I'm counting!!).
Friday and Saturday was spent cleaning, baking and decorating for L's bday party Saturday night. She had a great party, just what she wanted- a Ses.saM.e St party. When it was over I was EXHAUSTED and my poor legs and feet were beyond swollen!
Sunday I did the weeks grocery shopping and then went home and prepared for dinner that night. Sunday evening we had pork chops, potatoes, and corn on the grill as well as salad, cucumbers, baked beans and Mac and cheese for dinner; left over cake and ice cream for dessert. We had my parents, brother and his kiddos over for dinner. So that night once the kiddos were bathed and in bed I was ready to collapse!!!!
Today I had L's 2 yr check- up and had to take all the kiddos with me, can you say 3 ring circus!!!!! I don't know what it is but H always has to "act up" at the most inopportune times, he was horrible!!!! Thankfully L did not need any shots- woo-hoo, just a finger prick which she handled like a champ (but hated the band aide!). She got a GREAT check up, she's in the 55% for weight and 35% for height.
Tomorrow is my 1 st N S T of the week; Wed. we have a play date with a friend and I need to go to the funeral home for the visitation of my great- aunt (we got the news of her passing at L's party Sat. Night); Thurs I'm taking all 3 to the dentist- Lord help me!!!! L has never been (I know bad mommy!!!) and H has a horrible gag reflex and is petrified of the dentist! Friday is my marathon/ works OB appointment. Sat morning we have L's 2yr pictures scheduled. I'm telling you another busy week, I will try to update when/ if I can.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Keep on Keeping on

Yesterday was my OB "works" appointment as I like to call it, I had an N S T, u.s, and saw the doctor. N S T went fine, little Miss was very active:) the u.s, was about the same as last week- good fetal breathing, good fluid, heartbeat etc... And my doctor visit was the strep b test and exam- I'm not dilated. So it was a good appointment and hopefully repeat next week:) Next Tues I have my next N S T and then next Thurs. I have the "works" again, that is also L's 2nd birthday. So this weekend I will be preparing for L's birthday party- lots to do, clean, clean and more cleaning of the house (really could use a cleaning person, it seems I get 1 room done move to the next and by the time I get done with it the other room is a mess again! I need to shop for party supplies and get L's birthday presents. Also need to get Father's Day gifts etc, busy weekend ahead for me:) Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doctors appointment updates

Well I started the week off with two doctors appointments. On Monday I had my first N S T of the week, all went well and it was a relatively quick appointment- little Missy was quite active!!
Yesterday bright and early I had my cardiology appointment. Originally my appointment was scheduled for 10am- manageable to get myself and the three kiddos ready and down to the office. However late last week I received my paperwork and confirmation letter and it stated that my appointment with the doc was at 8:20, and I prior to that I was scheduled for my e.c.ho at a close facility- it was scheduled for 7:30 am but needed to be there by 7:00am- WHAT???!!!!! It was not going to be a fun morning for me or the kiddos!!!! Well thankfully my parents kept the kids overnight Monday night and my dad went into work late (more about this later- lol!!). Thankfully they did that because it was a walk between parking garage and the two facilities; I ended up late for my doctors appointment because they were running behind at the e.c.h.o lab. Anyhoo I got it all done, the appointment went well- there were a few changes in my heart function but minimal and all expected this late in pregnancy. I talked to my cardiologist about the anesthesiologist and she basically said he's not a cardiologist let us "worry" about that aspect and he worry about the anesthesia! I also asked again about the small VSD that showed on the fetal e.c.h.o- she talked with that doctor and she doesn't recall having the conversation with me about our little one having a VSD and its not note in her chart?! So we are not going to have an echo in the hospital unless our pediatrician has concerns; we will do an e.c.h.o in the cardiologist office at my follow up for our little one out of precaution (6-8 wks after delivery). So all in all it was two good appointments, with one more for the week (N S T; ultras. and doc appointment).
Ok back to the kiddos spending the night. Apparently the kiddos didn't sleep well because they were all pretty tired, especially L when I picked them up from my parents house. I'm trying to convince my mom to bring the kiddos home to sleep while she watches them when I have the baby- I think they will all sleep better especially my mom- she will have a king size bed to herself but she doesn't want to hear it- she is very stubborn!!!! Needless to say L went down for her afternoon nap at 1:00 (which is early for her!) and slept 3.5 hours!!!! Okay so here is the "funny" story. Apparently L told my dad she needed to go potty so he took her in and went to pull down her pants/ diaper, well it was too late she had already gone, so my dad decided to change her diaper. Well L hates to have her diaper changed, it's a wrestling match every time, and I couldn't begin to tell you the last time my dad changed a diaper- years!!!! If only I couldn't seen this battle-lol!!! Needless to say my dad did manage to get a diaper in her, somehow, but it was backwards- lol! LOVE my dad!! (Usually my dad only has the older kiddos by himself, if the younger ones stay my mom is usually there, but I really really appreciate them both watching the kiddos especially my dad, it was a huge help!).
Completely off the subject but the next time my husband says that taking 3 kids grocery shopping, while 35 weeks pregnant, on a weekend is pretty easy, I swear I'm going to strap 20+ lbs to him, and send him with all the kids grocery shopping on a weekend and see if he changes his tune!!!! Not to mention once you get the groceries home you have to carry them into the house, up the front steps, and unload/ put them away with all your little "helpers" at your feet!!!!!! Seriously?! He couldn't/ wouldn't stop and get his pizza and soft drink on Saturday because he had two of the kiddos and he would've had to take them in, but it's okay for me to stop and get it for him! Looking forward to when the baby comes and he HAS to step up!! Okay enough about that:)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Check-up and frustration!!!!

Okay before I go any further in this post I want to say I LOVE MY HUSBAND, I truly do!!!
Today I had my 2nd N S T of the week (a few contractions this time but not nearly as many or as hard), an ultra. sound which showed our baby girl was very active; breech with her head in my ribs and her feet kicking to get out;) and a very short visit with the doctor. I was concerned about the u.s because my endocrinologist called late yesterday about my fasting blood sugar readings because they were lower than they had been and this could be a sign the placenta was breaking down. However the placenta, blood flow, baby's heart rate, fetal breathing all looked good. The "thing" as I now call it is still there and hasn't really changed. The doctor said he is very curious to get my placenta in his hands, to see what exactly this thing is and get the pathology report on it. I told him I'm anxious to get my baby girl in my arms, to which he replied we want to wait until she is ripe all the way through- lol! As long as we are both doing well we will keep on keeping on. So next Monday is my next N S T, with my next u. s, N S T and doc appointment next Thursday, which hopefully won't take nearly as long as today!!! I arrived at 10:50, and didn't leave till 1:40. I missed my regular lunch time, and my blood sugar started to drop I had to ask the ultrasound tech for some candy. (Usually I have candy with me however I was carrying a different bag and the kiddos had found my candy stash and left me the wrappers.
Now on to my "rant"/ frustration. My husband was home with the kids while I was at the doctors. I had started laundry ( it was already separated and turned the right way because ALL of hubby's clothes are inside out, some with multiple layers still together- just like a kid!) and asked him to watch it, he forgot (it's hard on me because the laundry room is in the basement, which means stairs, right now it's hard for me to go up and down them especially with a basket full of clothes!). The kids do nothing but watch tv the entire time I'm gone. He fixed himself lunch but not the kids, so when I got home a little after 2:00 I had 3 very hungry kiddos on my hands and I was starving too! He apparently had done nothing, the laundry hasn't been taken care of, the dishwasher was still full of clean dishes (his dirty dishes from breakfast and lunch were piled on the counter by the dishwasher). Yes I know he works, and does the yard work however I'm pregnant, taking care of three kiddos and getting no help!!! So after everyone getting lunch, I cleaned up the kitchen, swept and mopped the kitchen floor,emptied the dishwasher, put the dirty ones in the dishwasher; got L down for her nap (oh and changed her diaper because hubby didn't change it at all while I was gone); took care of the laundry; cleaned the kids bathroom; fixed dinner; cleaned up the dinner dishes; took the kids outside; took care of baths; read the kiddos books and put them to bed! I love, love, love my kiddos but could/ would really use some help especially right now. I feel like I have a teenage babysitter at the house when I'm at doctors appointments! And the entire time I'm there he is texting me wanting to know how much longer, chomping at the bit to leave, when I get home he has his stuff ready and is out the door before I'm barely in the door. I feel like a single pregnant mom!! The weekends are no better. With L's second bday coming up I'm dreading her birthday party because of all the work that I need to do to get the house "party" ready not to mention the party stuff I need to do. I bought invites, and finished those the other day (usually I make the invites but I'm just a little overwhelmed and decided to simplify things. I did put my personal touch on them!). We are just having a family party, L doesn't really have any friends her age- I wish she did! So on top of everything I need to get party decorations, plan the food, cake etc... Oh and the week of L's bday M has G.S day camp which means getting her to the bus stop, picking her up, packing her lunch etc... I'm excited for her because she had a blast last year!!! Anyhoo I'm just feeling overwhelmed, and there is still a lot to do to get ready for EK! We still don't have a double stroller, need to get some new bibs, burp clothes; get the bassinet from my cousin; get the carseat out and in the vehicle; get a outfit for pictures at the hospital; oh and pack my bag! UGH!! So much to do so little time, okay I'm done ranting.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An "eventful" N S T

This morning I had my first N S T of the week, it's suppose to be a quick appointment, on the monitor for 20 minutes, get approval from doc and done etc.. Well not this morning!!! I was on the monitor for 20 minutes, the nurse to it to be checked by the doc. When she returned she had a cup of water and said that I needed to stay on the monitor for 20-30 minutes more because I was having contractions, and if they didn't subside I would be sent to labor and delivery.  Huh, well maybe this explains the back pains I was having last night!! Well the contractions subsided enough that they sent me home with orders to drink plenty of liquids, take it easy/ rest- um right!!! Hello I'm a mom of 3 whose husband is married to his work and the gym!!! And of all days, I also have my niece and nephew because my brother is working and my "sister-in-law" is having lapband surgery (my brother and sister in law are separated- it's a weird arrangement right now, too much to go into detail about etc...). H has a birthday party to go to this afternoon, and my niece and nephew are suppose to be gone before we have to leave for the party however the surgery time was changed so I might be taking ALL the kids with me- wish me luck!!! I seriously don't see "rest/ take it easy" in the near future for me!!
My next N S T, US and doc appointment is this Thursday.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A year older

My birthday was last Friday. Just a normal "mom" day with several loads of laundry to do, and a few errands to run. I was hoping to go out for lunch, however hubby didn't come home for lunch like he typically does and the kiddos weren't exactly behaving so I didn't want to take them out by myself.  I did get two flower deliveries- lol!! The first vase of flowers came from my kiddos (aka my mom, because I usually never get flowers on my birthday or ever for that matter, unless I buy them myself). Now my mom told M about the delivery, so she kind of spilled the beans that morning when she said they had a surprise for me and it would be delivered that day. So I mentioned this to hubby, and I guess he got the idea to call and order me flowers too! He NEVER in 10+yrs of marriage has sent me flowers!!!
We were suppose to go out to dinner with my parents, brother and his kids which is never a good idea on a Friday because we never know what time hubby is going to get off work. As it turned out we ended up over at my parents and ordering out- ordering pizza, salad and wings. Now mind you this is my birthday and with my strict diet I'm not allowed pizza (even though I would LOVE some, oh it sounded so good, looked so good and smelled wonderful). So I had a salad, and a few wings- they were quite spicy even though they were suppose to be mild! My mom made banana pudding, which I appreciate but she knows I'm not suppose to have it!!! She fixed me a bowl and puts it right in front of me which made me feel horrible!!! I took a couple of bites and then passed it on to hubby who graciously ate it. The kiddos had ice cream- YUMMO, it looked good too! Not exactly the birthday dinner I had in mind, but I was with family!
Saturday evening my parents watched our kiddos so that hubby and I could have a date night. I thought we were going out for my birthday/ present etc but apparently it was just a date night. I had mentioned a steak place that has yummy pork chops, so we went there, the wait was 30-40 minutes which isn't bad on a Sat. night where we live. However hubby apparently wanted to see a movie so he didn't want to wait. We ended up at a hole in the wall burger joint that we had heard about, it was yummy just not very nutritious for me (no veggies/ salad etc other than tomato, lettuce etc that you would have on your burger) and not exactly what I wanted. We then headed to the movies to see Han.go?ve/r 3, hubby's pick (there really wasn't a movie out that I wanted to see, there are a couple on DVD that I want to see) he wanted to go to the new theater in town. The movie was okay, had its funny moments. Anyhoo not exactly the birthday weekend I had planned/ wanted; but on the bright side hubby and I had a date night and I got to spend time with my family.
The end of the weekend was THE BEST!!! Sunday evening we grilled out- yummy pork chops, grilled corn, potatoes on the grill, salad, fresh fruit and for hubby and the kiddos ice cream cones. It was a GORGEOUS night!!!!! We spent the evening outside till it was time for the kiddos to get ready for bed. It was a great evening as a family :)

What's your take on it?

So yesterday I got a text from H's birth mom out of the clear blue (I've kept the same cell # so that she can always contact us. We get text from time to time from her, it use to be more frequent but as time has gone by its gotten less and less). Here is the "odd" thing, or at least odd to me, when she text it's really never to ask about H! Yesterday's text was asking about car seats, and whether her daughter was big enough/ old enough for a booster. Now I don't mind helping her out, I just find it strange, does anyone else? I always try to bring H into the conversation but she never asks specifically about him etc... I don't know if it "hurts" too much, she is afraid to ask- I hope not because I try to give her info on him when she asks - very very seldom and its usually her mom wanting to know. Anyhoo I would love some info, advice etc...
I tried to have a more "normal" conversation, ask how she was doing, how her family was doing etc but it seemed like this past text she just wanted info on the car seat, which I would've thought there are other resources for that other than me.