Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An "eventful" N S T

This morning I had my first N S T of the week, it's suppose to be a quick appointment, on the monitor for 20 minutes, get approval from doc and done etc.. Well not this morning!!! I was on the monitor for 20 minutes, the nurse to it to be checked by the doc. When she returned she had a cup of water and said that I needed to stay on the monitor for 20-30 minutes more because I was having contractions, and if they didn't subside I would be sent to labor and delivery.  Huh, well maybe this explains the back pains I was having last night!! Well the contractions subsided enough that they sent me home with orders to drink plenty of liquids, take it easy/ rest- um right!!! Hello I'm a mom of 3 whose husband is married to his work and the gym!!! And of all days, I also have my niece and nephew because my brother is working and my "sister-in-law" is having lapband surgery (my brother and sister in law are separated- it's a weird arrangement right now, too much to go into detail about etc...). H has a birthday party to go to this afternoon, and my niece and nephew are suppose to be gone before we have to leave for the party however the surgery time was changed so I might be taking ALL the kids with me- wish me luck!!! I seriously don't see "rest/ take it easy" in the near future for me!!
My next N S T, US and doc appointment is this Thursday.

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  1. Yikes! I wish I could come over and help you. This is the bad part about being "bloggy" friends! Too far away!
    Please take care of yourself and that sweet little one inside you!