Monday, June 3, 2013

A year older

My birthday was last Friday. Just a normal "mom" day with several loads of laundry to do, and a few errands to run. I was hoping to go out for lunch, however hubby didn't come home for lunch like he typically does and the kiddos weren't exactly behaving so I didn't want to take them out by myself.  I did get two flower deliveries- lol!! The first vase of flowers came from my kiddos (aka my mom, because I usually never get flowers on my birthday or ever for that matter, unless I buy them myself). Now my mom told M about the delivery, so she kind of spilled the beans that morning when she said they had a surprise for me and it would be delivered that day. So I mentioned this to hubby, and I guess he got the idea to call and order me flowers too! He NEVER in 10+yrs of marriage has sent me flowers!!!
We were suppose to go out to dinner with my parents, brother and his kids which is never a good idea on a Friday because we never know what time hubby is going to get off work. As it turned out we ended up over at my parents and ordering out- ordering pizza, salad and wings. Now mind you this is my birthday and with my strict diet I'm not allowed pizza (even though I would LOVE some, oh it sounded so good, looked so good and smelled wonderful). So I had a salad, and a few wings- they were quite spicy even though they were suppose to be mild! My mom made banana pudding, which I appreciate but she knows I'm not suppose to have it!!! She fixed me a bowl and puts it right in front of me which made me feel horrible!!! I took a couple of bites and then passed it on to hubby who graciously ate it. The kiddos had ice cream- YUMMO, it looked good too! Not exactly the birthday dinner I had in mind, but I was with family!
Saturday evening my parents watched our kiddos so that hubby and I could have a date night. I thought we were going out for my birthday/ present etc but apparently it was just a date night. I had mentioned a steak place that has yummy pork chops, so we went there, the wait was 30-40 minutes which isn't bad on a Sat. night where we live. However hubby apparently wanted to see a movie so he didn't want to wait. We ended up at a hole in the wall burger joint that we had heard about, it was yummy just not very nutritious for me (no veggies/ salad etc other than tomato, lettuce etc that you would have on your burger) and not exactly what I wanted. We then headed to the movies to see Han.go?ve/r 3, hubby's pick (there really wasn't a movie out that I wanted to see, there are a couple on DVD that I want to see) he wanted to go to the new theater in town. The movie was okay, had its funny moments. Anyhoo not exactly the birthday weekend I had planned/ wanted; but on the bright side hubby and I had a date night and I got to spend time with my family.
The end of the weekend was THE BEST!!! Sunday evening we grilled out- yummy pork chops, grilled corn, potatoes on the grill, salad, fresh fruit and for hubby and the kiddos ice cream cones. It was a GORGEOUS night!!!!! We spent the evening outside till it was time for the kiddos to get ready for bed. It was a great evening as a family :)