Monday, June 3, 2013

What's your take on it?

So yesterday I got a text from H's birth mom out of the clear blue (I've kept the same cell # so that she can always contact us. We get text from time to time from her, it use to be more frequent but as time has gone by its gotten less and less). Here is the "odd" thing, or at least odd to me, when she text it's really never to ask about H! Yesterday's text was asking about car seats, and whether her daughter was big enough/ old enough for a booster. Now I don't mind helping her out, I just find it strange, does anyone else? I always try to bring H into the conversation but she never asks specifically about him etc... I don't know if it "hurts" too much, she is afraid to ask- I hope not because I try to give her info on him when she asks - very very seldom and its usually her mom wanting to know. Anyhoo I would love some info, advice etc...
I tried to have a more "normal" conversation, ask how she was doing, how her family was doing etc but it seemed like this past text she just wanted info on the car seat, which I would've thought there are other resources for that other than me.

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  1. That is a little strange. Maybe she was using that as an excuse to reach out to you but was too afraid to get too personal?