Thursday, June 6, 2013

Check-up and frustration!!!!

Okay before I go any further in this post I want to say I LOVE MY HUSBAND, I truly do!!!
Today I had my 2nd N S T of the week (a few contractions this time but not nearly as many or as hard), an ultra. sound which showed our baby girl was very active; breech with her head in my ribs and her feet kicking to get out;) and a very short visit with the doctor. I was concerned about the u.s because my endocrinologist called late yesterday about my fasting blood sugar readings because they were lower than they had been and this could be a sign the placenta was breaking down. However the placenta, blood flow, baby's heart rate, fetal breathing all looked good. The "thing" as I now call it is still there and hasn't really changed. The doctor said he is very curious to get my placenta in his hands, to see what exactly this thing is and get the pathology report on it. I told him I'm anxious to get my baby girl in my arms, to which he replied we want to wait until she is ripe all the way through- lol! As long as we are both doing well we will keep on keeping on. So next Monday is my next N S T, with my next u. s, N S T and doc appointment next Thursday, which hopefully won't take nearly as long as today!!! I arrived at 10:50, and didn't leave till 1:40. I missed my regular lunch time, and my blood sugar started to drop I had to ask the ultrasound tech for some candy. (Usually I have candy with me however I was carrying a different bag and the kiddos had found my candy stash and left me the wrappers.
Now on to my "rant"/ frustration. My husband was home with the kids while I was at the doctors. I had started laundry ( it was already separated and turned the right way because ALL of hubby's clothes are inside out, some with multiple layers still together- just like a kid!) and asked him to watch it, he forgot (it's hard on me because the laundry room is in the basement, which means stairs, right now it's hard for me to go up and down them especially with a basket full of clothes!). The kids do nothing but watch tv the entire time I'm gone. He fixed himself lunch but not the kids, so when I got home a little after 2:00 I had 3 very hungry kiddos on my hands and I was starving too! He apparently had done nothing, the laundry hasn't been taken care of, the dishwasher was still full of clean dishes (his dirty dishes from breakfast and lunch were piled on the counter by the dishwasher). Yes I know he works, and does the yard work however I'm pregnant, taking care of three kiddos and getting no help!!! So after everyone getting lunch, I cleaned up the kitchen, swept and mopped the kitchen floor,emptied the dishwasher, put the dirty ones in the dishwasher; got L down for her nap (oh and changed her diaper because hubby didn't change it at all while I was gone); took care of the laundry; cleaned the kids bathroom; fixed dinner; cleaned up the dinner dishes; took the kids outside; took care of baths; read the kiddos books and put them to bed! I love, love, love my kiddos but could/ would really use some help especially right now. I feel like I have a teenage babysitter at the house when I'm at doctors appointments! And the entire time I'm there he is texting me wanting to know how much longer, chomping at the bit to leave, when I get home he has his stuff ready and is out the door before I'm barely in the door. I feel like a single pregnant mom!! The weekends are no better. With L's second bday coming up I'm dreading her birthday party because of all the work that I need to do to get the house "party" ready not to mention the party stuff I need to do. I bought invites, and finished those the other day (usually I make the invites but I'm just a little overwhelmed and decided to simplify things. I did put my personal touch on them!). We are just having a family party, L doesn't really have any friends her age- I wish she did! So on top of everything I need to get party decorations, plan the food, cake etc... Oh and the week of L's bday M has G.S day camp which means getting her to the bus stop, picking her up, packing her lunch etc... I'm excited for her because she had a blast last year!!! Anyhoo I'm just feeling overwhelmed, and there is still a lot to do to get ready for EK! We still don't have a double stroller, need to get some new bibs, burp clothes; get the bassinet from my cousin; get the carseat out and in the vehicle; get a outfit for pictures at the hospital; oh and pack my bag! UGH!! So much to do so little time, okay I'm done ranting.

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