Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doctors appointment updates

Well I started the week off with two doctors appointments. On Monday I had my first N S T of the week, all went well and it was a relatively quick appointment- little Missy was quite active!!
Yesterday bright and early I had my cardiology appointment. Originally my appointment was scheduled for 10am- manageable to get myself and the three kiddos ready and down to the office. However late last week I received my paperwork and confirmation letter and it stated that my appointment with the doc was at 8:20, and I prior to that I was scheduled for my e.c.ho at a close facility- it was scheduled for 7:30 am but needed to be there by 7:00am- WHAT???!!!!! It was not going to be a fun morning for me or the kiddos!!!! Well thankfully my parents kept the kids overnight Monday night and my dad went into work late (more about this later- lol!!). Thankfully they did that because it was a walk between parking garage and the two facilities; I ended up late for my doctors appointment because they were running behind at the e.c.h.o lab. Anyhoo I got it all done, the appointment went well- there were a few changes in my heart function but minimal and all expected this late in pregnancy. I talked to my cardiologist about the anesthesiologist and she basically said he's not a cardiologist let us "worry" about that aspect and he worry about the anesthesia! I also asked again about the small VSD that showed on the fetal e.c.h.o- she talked with that doctor and she doesn't recall having the conversation with me about our little one having a VSD and its not note in her chart?! So we are not going to have an echo in the hospital unless our pediatrician has concerns; we will do an e.c.h.o in the cardiologist office at my follow up for our little one out of precaution (6-8 wks after delivery). So all in all it was two good appointments, with one more for the week (N S T; ultras. and doc appointment).
Ok back to the kiddos spending the night. Apparently the kiddos didn't sleep well because they were all pretty tired, especially L when I picked them up from my parents house. I'm trying to convince my mom to bring the kiddos home to sleep while she watches them when I have the baby- I think they will all sleep better especially my mom- she will have a king size bed to herself but she doesn't want to hear it- she is very stubborn!!!! Needless to say L went down for her afternoon nap at 1:00 (which is early for her!) and slept 3.5 hours!!!! Okay so here is the "funny" story. Apparently L told my dad she needed to go potty so he took her in and went to pull down her pants/ diaper, well it was too late she had already gone, so my dad decided to change her diaper. Well L hates to have her diaper changed, it's a wrestling match every time, and I couldn't begin to tell you the last time my dad changed a diaper- years!!!! If only I couldn't seen this battle-lol!!! Needless to say my dad did manage to get a diaper in her, somehow, but it was backwards- lol! LOVE my dad!! (Usually my dad only has the older kiddos by himself, if the younger ones stay my mom is usually there, but I really really appreciate them both watching the kiddos especially my dad, it was a huge help!).
Completely off the subject but the next time my husband says that taking 3 kids grocery shopping, while 35 weeks pregnant, on a weekend is pretty easy, I swear I'm going to strap 20+ lbs to him, and send him with all the kids grocery shopping on a weekend and see if he changes his tune!!!! Not to mention once you get the groceries home you have to carry them into the house, up the front steps, and unload/ put them away with all your little "helpers" at your feet!!!!!! Seriously?! He couldn't/ wouldn't stop and get his pizza and soft drink on Saturday because he had two of the kiddos and he would've had to take them in, but it's okay for me to stop and get it for him! Looking forward to when the baby comes and he HAS to step up!! Okay enough about that:)

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