Friday, June 28, 2013

One of my last appointments, getting closer!!!!

This week I had two N S T s, an ultrasound and doctors appointment. Everything looks great- YAY!!!! The doctor checked me and I'm not dilated so little miss isn't going to make an early appearance (in all likelihood). Next week I have my last two N S T's and my last ultrasound and doc appointment before the big day :)
This week I've been busy trying to "tie up loose ends" so to speak. I've paid the kiddos tuition for next school yr, took them to the dentist for their check up (all but L got a check up because hubby failed to add her to our insurance)- M did great, got an awesome report and looks like we will be seeing an orthodontist sooner rather than later, H had a rough time (poor guy is petrified of the dentist and has a horrible gag reflex) but we managed to get through it and he got a good report too!! I've moved some appointments around trying to get them taken care of before little Missy arrives.
Our "disappointing" news of the week is that hubby had planned and told his boss he was taking 3 weeks off when the baby comes (originally 4 wks but he took a week when I had surgery) at the beginning of the year, well yesterday his boss tells him he can't take 3 wks in a row off, company policy?! Wth?! So hubby will be off the week I'm in the hospital (minus the Monday before my scheduled c-section bc someone else needs that day off!) and then the following week, then I will be on my own with all 4 kiddos!! I'm not thrilled with this at all but nothing we can do about it! So hubby will take the last week off some other time.
That's the latest, sorry its a short post but since hubby doesn't do anything while I'm gone to the doctors, I have laundry waiting on me, chocolate chip muffins to make, breakfast muffins to make (for hubby's breakfasts), kiddo to get down for a nap, other kiddos to get cleaning up the "mess" they made while I was gone and phone calls to return- oh how I wish I could snap my fingers and it would get done and I could take a nap!!!!!

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  1. Let the count down begin! I'm so glad everything is looking good with the baby!