Thursday, April 28, 2011

32 week check-up

So tomorrow I will be 32 weeks along ! I had my check-up and again it was the usual "quick" check up, weight, blood pressure (which nurse commented was up but doc didn't say anything about it), urine sample, belly measurement, and heartbeat. The doc did mention my visit with the anesthesiologist, and asked if I liked him etc...I said yes BUT he scared me! He said well he just wants you to be prepared. I asked about coming appointments because the appointment before last he mentioned an ultrasound for this appointment and I didn't have one (I am fine not having one since we just had the 3d/4d ultrasound done but I just was wondering). Well ask and you shall receive! I am now going TWICE a week to the doctor. I am having a non-stress test done twice a week and a bio-physical profile once a week; and still seeing the OB every other week. I will be having a full body ultrasound in two weeks and then I probably won't have another one until right before delivery time.So my calendar is QUICKLY filling up! I have my appointments made for the next two weeks. The MAJOR issue is figuring out who is going to watch the kiddos?! Right now I have scheduled most appointments while my daughter is at school, and then my son goes to my mom's work however she works at a doctors office and that is not ideal; she also said that she can't have him there as often as I will be going to the doctor now. Hubby is going to try and cover some of them, but with his job that is not easy and he wants to be at a few of the appointments (he surprised me today and went to the appointment, I think after my scare with the anesthesiologist he figured he better go!). Oh almost forgot to share this funny story. So last night hubby and I were talking about my doctors appointment for today, and I was wondering what it would entail, when they would start examines, and more monitoring etc... Well hubby says "oh they probably won't do that for a while, probably not for 6 weeks". I said "HUH, really they are going to wait till the last 2 weeks to do that?!" hubby says "WHAT!!!!!! We only have 8 weeks???? OH I am so NOT ready!" LOL! Well he better get ready:)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ultrasound Pictures

Her sweet little feet- are crossed (such a little lady!)

Her sweet face

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and more

Okay I need to vent, even though I am in a much better place than I was over the weekend! I had a lousy weekend, too much too do and not enough time and a vision what our family holidays would be like. Friday evening, hubby got home kind of late, well later than he planned but then what else is new?! We grabbed a bite to eat at home and then headed to one of the local malls for the kiddos to visit with the Easter Bunny and have their pictures made. I had planned to take them earlier in the week however our son had a stomach bug and it just didn't happen. The kiddos had been wanting to go see the Easter bunny and well it is kind of a tradition. The kiddos did great and we got some cute pictures!!! Then we headed home, dodging the crazy rain and storms we have been having, seems like it has been raining FOREVER, flooding is crazy and we are expecting even more rain this week! UGH!
Saturday is where my weekend went down hill and I felt like a horrible mom. I had planned on taking our daughter to an Easter egg hunt that morning (my daughter didn't know this so it wasn't a disappointment to her, given our weather lately I wasn't sure if they would even have it)  but given the storms decided against it and we all went as a family to my son's taekwondo class. After class we had to hurry home, change clothes, make my daughters lunch (because she is BEYOND picky) and then head to a local restaurant to have lunch with my hubby's parents which I was dreading and PISSED about! Here is the background, we already had a crazy busy weekend planned and then they supposidly called my hubby Thursday and wanted to get together this weekend, UM hello it's been TWO months, YES TWO months since they made an attempt to see us and now we have to drop EVERYTHING and have lunch with them because they decided they want to get together. Anyhoo so we go to lunch, it was okay, service wasn't great (don't think they have much of a lunch crowd etc...), kids were antsy, and the food wasn't that good (as well as the company LOL!). I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED that they did get the kiddos something for Easter, can't tell you the last time that happened! Of course the candy they gave them my son cannot have because he is allergic to it all:(  They also gave us a baby shower gift (since my mil couldn't make it to my shower last Sunday however she was able to go to someone's wedding last Saturday!), with a card that said to Baby and our last name- um HELLO she has a name and you all know it!  I know I sound horrible and I know I just don't get along with them and more than likely whatever they did would rub me the wrong way but it just all put me in a bad mood coupled with the hormones that are crazy right now.
So anyhoo we leave lunch and head home to try and get the kiddos down for a nap, and of course they don't want to take a nap so that is a battle. They finally get a little bit of a nap, and then we head out to finish our running around. We still had to finish Easter shopping- thankfully my parents watched the kiddos so we could get that done (couldn't do it before now because I have had the kiddos or at least one of them with me at all times etc...). We took the kiddos to Bu.ild a B.ea.r to make a stuffed animal for their little sister (I know you are probably asking why now and did it have to be done this weekend- yes we had an amazing offer that expired Saturday, we basically paid $2 and change for it all!). That experience went okay, my son wasn't that into however my daughter loved it. Needless to say after all that we get home with the kiddos and their just wasn't time to color Easter eggs- the kiddos were REALLY REALLY upset as was I! I felt like a horrible mother, I remembered doing this as a kiddo and looked forward to it as did my kiddos. So needless to say my mood just went down from there.
Sunday was better, the kiddos got up without any problems. They LOVED their Easter baskets and enjoyed hunting plastic Easter eggs in the basement and then we all got dressed and made it to church on time:) We came home and got a few family pictures in our Easter best before changing clothes and coloring Easter eggs- better late than never. We all had a good time coloring and decorating the eggs. Then it was time to grab a small bite to eat and try and get the kiddos down for naps which ended up being unsuccessful. We then headed to my Aunt's house for a family get together, kids hunting eggs etc... So you see we had a JAM packed weekend. I will say by Sunday I was in a better mood but still disappointed with how things went.

3d/ 4d ultrasound round 2

YEAH!!! Today we had our second attempt at the 3d/4d ultrasound and after some time our little girl finally cooperated some! When the tech was just about to say that she wasn't cooperating (she had been trying for like 45-50 minutes to get good pictures) and that we would have to try again, out little girl finally decided to move her hands and feet just enough to get some picture of her face. I made sure to drink plenty of ice cold water prior to our appointment, and we tried everything to get her to move but she is quite comfy where she is.  Our little one is in the breech position with her hands and feet covering her face-LOL! Even when she did move enough to get some pictures her hands were still up by her face. We have a beautiful little girl with what appears like chubby checks:) They are estimating her weight right now at 4 pounds 1 ounce. My daughter is THRILLED to have pictures of her little sister to take to school tomorrow to show off.
Once I get a chance I will try to upload some pictures, have to figure it out first because they gave them to me on a disc as well as in picture form.

Friday, April 22, 2011

31 weeks and officially SCARED!!!!

I am 31 weeks today:)  It is getting close, I am now in single digits weeks wise. Last night I had my consultation with the anestheiologist. I honestly didn't thing this would be a big deal, even went by myself because hubby was working. OB had just said it was so we had all our ducks in a row, everyone acted like it was no big deal. WRONG, SO WRONG!!! The anestheiologist was very nice but he scared the you know what out of me, practically had me in tears and I am still unsure of everything.  I know (have known, it is congenital meaning from birth) that I have a heart condition, however I have gotten/ had clearance from my heart doctor since we started trying to have kiddos over 8 years ago. NO ONE has ever mentioned the concerns with delivery, I mean yes I always knew that a vaginal delivery may not be an option but it was never really explained. They just basically said that I would be monitored more closely during my pregnancy, which I have been, and knock on wood all has gone well. Well this doctor more than explained every scenario possible, and I understand he was doing this to have me prepared but I am so upset and scared. So here is the deal. As of my last echo that I had done, I am still within normal ranges of heart function (for someone who has had the procedures I have have had) but he said technically I am borderline (now why my cardiologist have never told me this I will never know) and my next echo or two will determine whether I will be able to have a vaginal delivery with an epidural (mind you he said that it would be safer for me to have an epidural than to go natural because it wouldn't put as much stress on my heart). If, and apparently a BIG if I am able to get the epidural it would not be an epidural like most woman get that after 5 minutes or so they are numb/ don't feel anything; instead mine would be a slow and steady administration and I would still feel pain etc... Now here comes the scary (and upsetting part) if they deem it necessary for a c-section because of heart function/ or I cannot have an epidural than I would be put under general anesthesia, which means I would not be awake for the delivery:(  I am crushed to think that I would not be awake for her delivery. Also if this is necessary than I would have an arterial line (an iv in my arm to monitor my blood pressure at all times) put in, and he warned me that this is VERY painful, because it is right next to a nerve. I would also have a central line put in (iv in my neck) both of these would stay in a minimum of 24 hours based on how I was doing. I am still trying to process everything. I know that this doc is very good and knows his stuff, and I do want him as my anesthesiaologist  (LOL! he knew he had scared me because when he was writing down his cell phone for me he asked if I still wanted him as my doctor!). He gave me his cell phone number to call him day or night when I go into labor or have a scheduled induction etc... He said if I had any questions or wanted to go over everything again just to call his office and he would be glad to meet with me again. Here is the kicker he will be on vaction June 9th-20th; my due date is June 24th!
I debated on whether to tell my parents, but ended up doing so, they could tell when I came to pick the kids up that I was a little (putting it mildly) shaken up. I could tell my mom was scared when I told her this and she didn't really have much to- which is TOTALLY unlike her at all. My hubby kind of pissed me off, because he was like you knew there were risks with your heart, and with all you have been through you will be fine, and remember this is what you wanted. UGH!!! I just feel completely blindsided by all of this and I am completely scared.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3d/4d Ultrasound

Monday evening we had our 3d/4d ultrasound. Hubby got tied up at work, and was running late (late for the time we wanted to leave by) however somehow we managed to get to the place 25 minutes early. We had planned to leave the house with plenty of time not knowing how traffic would be etc...  We ended up taking both kiddos with us because my mom had enough of our son and his misbehavior this weekend, she had worked all day on Monday and my dad was home with a bum shoulder and to top things off he didn't take a nap and his behavior tends to be worse when he doesn't get his sleep. So on the way to the appointment he ended up falling asleep and got a decent nap in and was very good through it all:) We got to our appointment hoping they could go ahead and take us but they couldn't because there was someone ahead of us (who showed up 20 minutes late!) and we didn't get our ultrasound started on time but all was good. So anyhoo on to the ultrasound, Little Missy wasn't cooperating at all! Her head is up on the left side basically in my ribs:) her feet are on my right side. So we could see very clearly her little feet and all her girl parts but that is it. Her hand/arm is up by her head again and we tried and tried to get a good look at her face/ profile but she was having no part of it! I moved from side to side, sat up for a little bit etc.. So we ended up getting nothing; we are going to attempt it again next Monday at noon.  They suggested drinking ice cold water prior to the ultrasound, which I did this last time; she also suggested juice etc... but I cannot have anything with caffine or sugar because of my heart condition and diabetes. I am going to attempt to go on a full bladder, that way if she isn't moving I can empty my bladder and maybe she will move etc... I am trying to keep note of anything that gets her moving but really there isn't any rythme or reason to her movement with the exception of when I read books to the kiddos so I may be taking some kids books to read:)  Fingers crossed that she will cooperate this time! My daughter is REALLY excited to take ultrasound pictures into her class to show everyone. I will keep everyone posted:)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Not quite the weekend I had planned

Well it wasn't quite the weekend I had planned. My hubby was out of town all weekend for guys weekend at the lake with my dad, brother, uncle and friends so I had the kids to myself. Friday was stormy so we stayed in that night and had dinner, and then watched a movie, nothing real exciting. Then Saturday my son had his Taekwondo class in the morning and I decided to venture to the local cheap book store in search of some good books to read thanks to Kelly's blog post SUYL. Again Saturday was a rainy nasty day, so the bookstore was pretty busy, and my kiddos were handfuls all they wanted to do was go go the kids section. Anyhoo we headed home for lunch, laundry and nap time. Saturday night we went out to dinner with my mom, the kiddos did good, and they talked their Grammy into going to a local ice cream parlor that is one of their favorites that she had not been too. My son loves the place because he can get sorbet (no dairy in it) in a cake cone:) Then it was time to head home for baths and movie. That is when things started to go downhill, between the sugar in the ice cream and my mom getting my son rilled up he was acting HORRIBLE, so needless to say the night didn't go well.
Then Sunday I was looking forward to my baby shower, it turned out to be a gorgeous day! Because my hubby was still at the lake, that meant that both kiddos would be a the shower- which I wouldn't mind except that the time of the shower was during my son's nap; so needless to say he did NOT behave he was more than a handful! Luckily I showed up at my mom's about 75-80 minutes prior to the start of the shower. Well a little background info on my mom, who I LOVE dearly however she has a habit of biting off more than she can chew, she is not great on time management and she NEVER wants ANYONE'S help, EVER! So I should have known when my friend and mom decided to throw the shower together at my mom's house that this was a recipe for disaster. Needless to say when I showed up, she was not dressed for the shower, still had to clean both bathrooms, finish the cookies (they were thank you presents for the guests), fix all the sandwiches, decorate the cake, put the veggie tray together, put the mints and candy out in bowls etc... My friend who was hosting the shower with my mom was late (as usual) and didn't show up till right at the time the shower was to start and forgot the plastic wear- which NO one wanted to tell my mom (whenever my mom hosts something regardless of what it is she is always in a HORRIBLE mood due to stress and at any time you could lose your head for saying something or do something). So anyhoo once I got there I started making the sandwiches, worked on the veggie tray, etc... and tried to do as much as possible as well as keep the kids out of my mom's way. Needless to say I felt horrible that my mom was hosting this party, and felt like it was a HUGE burden.
We had a very nice showing at the shower, family and friends both came and I think everyone had a good time, aside from the fact that my son was not at all well behaved (we have been having MAJOR behavior issues lately with him) and by the time the shower was over he was in meltdown mood and it was not good for anyone. My mother-in-law was a no show, she called my hubby to say that after church she wasn't feeling well and wouldn't make it. My sister-in-law was less than cordial- we have  had a rocky relationship since right around the time she became pregnant with my niece 6 years ago (LONG story). Then I posted something on fb that I had seen on my friends wall, thought was cute and copied it, well apparently she took it to think that I was posting it for her/ about her (this all happened the end of last week) so needless to say that didn't help matters even though I sent her and my brother a message explaining what happened and that it was no way intended for her etc.. even apologizing. So that made things uncomfortable at the shower to begin with.
Now on to the shower, they played a few games, unscramble the words, look at a tray of objects and try to remember as many as you can, and then how big is the mommy-LOL! It was fun watching everyone play the games. Then it was time to eat and open presents. Now I know this is going to come across selfish, rude, and ungrateful and maybe I am but this is how I feel. My hubby and I sent two nights registering at the local BIG baby store, one night just the two of us, then one night with the kids to include them etc... not counting adding stuff online. I thought I had a pretty nice registry with a good variety of things/ price ranges- all stuff that we NEED!  Well out of all the presents we received only two people purchased off our registry! I was shocked! Everyone else just got whatever they wanted, which ended up being a lot of clothes (which don't get me wrong I know we will need etc.. however we don't have a clue to how big our little lady is going to be due to my diabetes etc...). The clothes we got are nice, however we got a lot of duplicates because apparently everyone shopped at tar.jay. and they didn't included gift receipts which really irks me! So now I am stuck with duplicate outfits that may or may not fit her and nothing that we needed. My cousin apparently didn't even think about her gift, our little one is due in the SUMMER, and it gets HOT and humid here in the summer, we got sweatshirts and sweatpants, and again no gift receipt??!! REALLY? Again I don't want to sound ungrateful but when I shop for others I try to shop off their registry AND include gift receipts.
My mom's gift I was really really looking forward to, even though I knew what it was (or thought I did). I had seen several gowns and a blanket on the website etsy however couldn't really afford what they were charging. I showed my mom what I was looking at and she was said "Oh I can make that MUCH cheaper!" so I was thrilled. A couple of weeks ago, I bought the onsies for the gowns, and we went to the local fabric store and picked out some cute fabrics. I couldn't wait to see what she had made. I sent her pictures of exactly what I wanted too to help her etc... and told her I had a friend who embroiders so I would have her embroider initials/ names on them after she was done. Well yesterday I got the gowns and the blanket, I was disappointed (and I know my mom meant well and worked hard on them) to say the least. The blanket actually turned out very cute!!!!! However the gowns didn't exactly turn out so good, they actually didn't turn out to be gowns, more like dresses since she didn't put any elastic at the bottoms; she put as she calls it embellishments on them (um our tastes in things aren't exactly the same) and I do not like them but the worst part is my mom attempted to embroider for the FIRST time on the gowns!!!! The one gown that I really liked is ruined because she attempted to embroider our daughters name on it and it looks like my 3 yr old son embroidered on it:(  I don't know what to do. Like I said I feel horrible that I feel this way but they didn't turn out anything like I thought they would. My mom also embroidered our daughters name on the blanket she made which didn't turn out too bad but the point is she just didn't listen and does things her own way.
So between the issues at the shower, the gifts, my guilt of all the stress my mom was under to throw the shower (and some people expressing that people don't have showers for their 3rd child), coupled with pregnancy hormones I have been a basketcase. I should be happy but I am crying.
To top things off, I need to figure out what to do with all the "stuff" we were given but can't use (can't take back) and how we are going to afford all the stuff that we do need! I have no stroller, no carseat, no swing, no bouncy seat, the list goes on and on. My hubby says not to worry we will figure it all out but I just feel stressed.
I am hoping that our 4d ultrasound goes smoothly tonight and will brighten my mood etc... We are taking both kiddos with us which could be a recipe for disaster. My daughter really wants to go (and she will be just fine, she behaves) however our son has expressed he does NOT want to go and wants to stay with my parents. The plan was for my son to stay with my parents because if he doesn't want to be somewhere he makes everyone who is there miserable; however due to the weekend, the stress of the shower, and how poorly he behaved yesterday my parents aren't watching him and he will be going with us. So say some prayers for us that all goes well. I hope to write a more upbeat post tomorrow.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Reading List of Sorts

Ok I am attempting to link up to Kelly's Korner for her SUYL. I have never linked to anyone's blog much less done a SUYL (show us your life) however I have ready many and wanted to do this just finally took the plunge! I love to read, actually my parents and hubby use to make fun of me because before the kiddos I was a veracious reader! I would take 3 or 4 books on a weeks vacation and often would have to go to the store to buy more. However with kiddos my reading isn't what it is use to, and I am kind of a picky reader. So aside from the newspaper that I read daily, the People magazine that I read weekly (and usually have finished cover to cover the day I get it) and the books that I read to the kids (trying to pass my love of reading on, and I think it is working:) I don't have a ton of time for reading. I didn't have a book list and was actually looking for a good book to read since I just finished John Grisham's The Confession- I HIGHLY recommend this read, couldn't put it down, but then I am a big fan of John Grisham too (thankfully so is my dad so I could borrow his copy)! So I was really excited about Kelly's SUYL and I looked through a TON of book lists today and I have no created my own book list and hope to go to half priced books tomorrow (trying to watch our budget!) to purchase a few on my list.
     -Water for Elephants
     -The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    -Firefly Lane
    -The Help

A little background on my reading, my hubby bought me the Kindle not long after they came out/ Oprah had them on her show of Favorite Things a.k.a when they were expensive (I am reminded of them often!) thinking that it would save us money etc.. and I could get a book whenever I wanted. However I have to admit I haven't used my Kindle in a year or more, for me it is just not the same as a book, a real book, where you hold the book in your hand, turn the pages, feel a sense of accomplishment when you close the book after finishing it etc... So since we are watching our spending I try to get really good deals on books, shop at half price books, or borrow books (I would get them from the library however often the books that I am wanting to read have HUGE waiting list and I am not patient enough).
Authors that I like include:
John Grisham
Jodi Picoult
Nicholas Sparks
Wally Lamb
Frank McCourt

My hubby gave me Decision Points for Christmas (by George W. Bush) not my typical read but I really enjoyed it and recommend this book  as well.

If you are stopping by from SUYL THANKS for stopping by, and check out some of my other blog entries:)
Happy reading!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 week check-up

So I had my OB check-up today, technically I am 29 weeks and 6 days but I usually have my check-ups on Thursdays due to everyones schedules etc.. It was another quick check-up and didn't have to wait very long in the waiting room. It was the usual, weight, blood pressure (which was good- YAY! it always concerns me even though I don't typically have any issues with it etc...), and urine sample and then to the room to wait for the doc to come in. He was his usual cheerful self (unlike last time, something must have been bothering him), complimented me on all my lab work and blood sugar readings etc...; asked if I had, had my consult with the anesthesiologist  ( I didn't tell him that I waiting and waited for his office to call with my appointment like they said they would, I finally called on Monday and they gave me the number to the docs office and I set everything up myself! I go next Thursday); he measured my belly, listened to the beautiful heartbeat and that was pretty much the extent of the visit. I go back in 2 weeks. When I went to schedule my appointment I thought this next time I would have an ultrasound to schedule as well, but for some reason it was just an appointment so I am guessing it will be another quicky appointment. I am not worried since we are having the 4d ultrasound done on Monday. So YAY for quick, efficient, and great news appointments:)
On my way into the appointment as I was walking through the parking garage I ran into a nurse from the infertility doctors office- it was so great to see her and give her the update that we are having a girl, only about 10 more weeks etc...
To top the day off we are having a GOREGOUS day weather wise and the kids are able to get outside, even wear short sleeves and capri's, get some fresh air and play (thus hopefully making bath time and bed time easier on us!). I was hoping the nice weather would stick around however we are in for another round of thunderstorms, rain, cooler temps starting tomorrow and through the weekend- blah!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lots coming up

Haven't updated in a while, it has been busy busy busy with life.  Well I have definitely hit the third trimester! My feet tend to swell easily, I am peeing MORE and MORE, especially at night (last night I was up 4 or 5 times!) and I am getting bigger so it is harder to get up and down- LOL! Don't get me wrong I am NOT complaining, I am taking it all in stride and enjoying the journey:)
Last week was spring break in our town, but we didn't do anything special, the weather wasn't the most cooperative either. Last Wed. I was suppose to have an appointment with the endocrinologist- I see her once a month since I am pregnant and I fax my blood sugars at least once a week. So since I had an appointment on Wed. I had both kids with me, but I bribed them with a special treat if they were good at the doctors appointment. So we drive downtown where the docs office is, go in sign in and wait to be called. I am finally called to the desk to take care of insurance etc... and they asked me if I had an appointment?! Um YES! Long story short, they looked in my chart and saw where they had photo copied my lab orders with my appointment card- proof that yes I did have an appointment that day at that time, however they didn't put it into the computer. The doctor, wasn't there that day, the physicians assistant etc... was in a class, if I wanted to wait around for the class to end (an hour long class) and she had a couple other patients to see then she would try to fit me in! UM I  don't think so! To top things off they cannot get me in till May, so that means I will not be since this month! So frustrating, especially knowing it is their fault. The kids were thrilled, that it was a quick trip and since I did make them a promise I had to follow through, we went to a local ice cream shop that also has sorbet (for my son who is allergic to dairy).
This Thursday I have my next OB appointment, should be a quick appointment. I think the rest of my appointments will involve more monitoring and be a little more involved since we are getting closer:)
This Sunday is my baby shower. I am looking forward to it, I know my mom and friend have been working really hard on it and from what little I know it sounds like it is going to be a very nice shower. The shower will include my kiddos (and my friends/families kids/ girls), it's guys weekend at the lake meaning my brother, dad, hubby and some of their friends spend a long weekend at the lake where my parents have a place- so my son will be at the shower however my parents have a playroom so I have a feeling that is where he will be hanging out. (I will do a post next week all about how the shower went). I am looking forward to getting a few things from my mom, she has been busy making me some stuff that she is giving me at the shower- a blanket and gowns for our little one.
Next Monday evening we have our 4D ultrasound scheduled =)  So EXCITED to see our little girl again! We were debating whether to take the kiddos with us, and we decided to leave it up to the kids themselves if they wanted to go. Here is the funny thing I was explaining what the 4d ultrasound was- pictures of your baby sister, and it will be on a tv screen etc... After explaining it to my son, he adamantly said NO he doesn't want to go!? Not sure what to think about that, then I explained a little more and he said he would think about it and get back to me (he is 3 yrs old!). My daughter is excited and definitely wants to go. So we will see who ends up going, but I am excited.