Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and more

Okay I need to vent, even though I am in a much better place than I was over the weekend! I had a lousy weekend, too much too do and not enough time and a vision what our family holidays would be like. Friday evening, hubby got home kind of late, well later than he planned but then what else is new?! We grabbed a bite to eat at home and then headed to one of the local malls for the kiddos to visit with the Easter Bunny and have their pictures made. I had planned to take them earlier in the week however our son had a stomach bug and it just didn't happen. The kiddos had been wanting to go see the Easter bunny and well it is kind of a tradition. The kiddos did great and we got some cute pictures!!! Then we headed home, dodging the crazy rain and storms we have been having, seems like it has been raining FOREVER, flooding is crazy and we are expecting even more rain this week! UGH!
Saturday is where my weekend went down hill and I felt like a horrible mom. I had planned on taking our daughter to an Easter egg hunt that morning (my daughter didn't know this so it wasn't a disappointment to her, given our weather lately I wasn't sure if they would even have it)  but given the storms decided against it and we all went as a family to my son's taekwondo class. After class we had to hurry home, change clothes, make my daughters lunch (because she is BEYOND picky) and then head to a local restaurant to have lunch with my hubby's parents which I was dreading and PISSED about! Here is the background, we already had a crazy busy weekend planned and then they supposidly called my hubby Thursday and wanted to get together this weekend, UM hello it's been TWO months, YES TWO months since they made an attempt to see us and now we have to drop EVERYTHING and have lunch with them because they decided they want to get together. Anyhoo so we go to lunch, it was okay, service wasn't great (don't think they have much of a lunch crowd etc...), kids were antsy, and the food wasn't that good (as well as the company LOL!). I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED that they did get the kiddos something for Easter, can't tell you the last time that happened! Of course the candy they gave them my son cannot have because he is allergic to it all:(  They also gave us a baby shower gift (since my mil couldn't make it to my shower last Sunday however she was able to go to someone's wedding last Saturday!), with a card that said to Baby and our last name- um HELLO she has a name and you all know it!  I know I sound horrible and I know I just don't get along with them and more than likely whatever they did would rub me the wrong way but it just all put me in a bad mood coupled with the hormones that are crazy right now.
So anyhoo we leave lunch and head home to try and get the kiddos down for a nap, and of course they don't want to take a nap so that is a battle. They finally get a little bit of a nap, and then we head out to finish our running around. We still had to finish Easter shopping- thankfully my parents watched the kiddos so we could get that done (couldn't do it before now because I have had the kiddos or at least one of them with me at all times etc...). We took the kiddos to Bu.ild a B.ea.r to make a stuffed animal for their little sister (I know you are probably asking why now and did it have to be done this weekend- yes we had an amazing offer that expired Saturday, we basically paid $2 and change for it all!). That experience went okay, my son wasn't that into however my daughter loved it. Needless to say after all that we get home with the kiddos and their just wasn't time to color Easter eggs- the kiddos were REALLY REALLY upset as was I! I felt like a horrible mother, I remembered doing this as a kiddo and looked forward to it as did my kiddos. So needless to say my mood just went down from there.
Sunday was better, the kiddos got up without any problems. They LOVED their Easter baskets and enjoyed hunting plastic Easter eggs in the basement and then we all got dressed and made it to church on time:) We came home and got a few family pictures in our Easter best before changing clothes and coloring Easter eggs- better late than never. We all had a good time coloring and decorating the eggs. Then it was time to grab a small bite to eat and try and get the kiddos down for naps which ended up being unsuccessful. We then headed to my Aunt's house for a family get together, kids hunting eggs etc... So you see we had a JAM packed weekend. I will say by Sunday I was in a better mood but still disappointed with how things went.

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