Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 week check-up

So I had my OB check-up today, technically I am 29 weeks and 6 days but I usually have my check-ups on Thursdays due to everyones schedules etc.. It was another quick check-up and didn't have to wait very long in the waiting room. It was the usual, weight, blood pressure (which was good- YAY! it always concerns me even though I don't typically have any issues with it etc...), and urine sample and then to the room to wait for the doc to come in. He was his usual cheerful self (unlike last time, something must have been bothering him), complimented me on all my lab work and blood sugar readings etc...; asked if I had, had my consult with the anesthesiologist  ( I didn't tell him that I waiting and waited for his office to call with my appointment like they said they would, I finally called on Monday and they gave me the number to the docs office and I set everything up myself! I go next Thursday); he measured my belly, listened to the beautiful heartbeat and that was pretty much the extent of the visit. I go back in 2 weeks. When I went to schedule my appointment I thought this next time I would have an ultrasound to schedule as well, but for some reason it was just an appointment so I am guessing it will be another quicky appointment. I am not worried since we are having the 4d ultrasound done on Monday. So YAY for quick, efficient, and great news appointments:)
On my way into the appointment as I was walking through the parking garage I ran into a nurse from the infertility doctors office- it was so great to see her and give her the update that we are having a girl, only about 10 more weeks etc...
To top the day off we are having a GOREGOUS day weather wise and the kids are able to get outside, even wear short sleeves and capri's, get some fresh air and play (thus hopefully making bath time and bed time easier on us!). I was hoping the nice weather would stick around however we are in for another round of thunderstorms, rain, cooler temps starting tomorrow and through the weekend- blah!


  1. i wish appointments could be longer, but you are right, in and out appointments do bring a sense of relief!

  2. I'm glad to hear your good news!