Monday, April 25, 2011

3d/ 4d ultrasound round 2

YEAH!!! Today we had our second attempt at the 3d/4d ultrasound and after some time our little girl finally cooperated some! When the tech was just about to say that she wasn't cooperating (she had been trying for like 45-50 minutes to get good pictures) and that we would have to try again, out little girl finally decided to move her hands and feet just enough to get some picture of her face. I made sure to drink plenty of ice cold water prior to our appointment, and we tried everything to get her to move but she is quite comfy where she is.  Our little one is in the breech position with her hands and feet covering her face-LOL! Even when she did move enough to get some pictures her hands were still up by her face. We have a beautiful little girl with what appears like chubby checks:) They are estimating her weight right now at 4 pounds 1 ounce. My daughter is THRILLED to have pictures of her little sister to take to school tomorrow to show off.
Once I get a chance I will try to upload some pictures, have to figure it out first because they gave them to me on a disc as well as in picture form.


  1. Yeaaa! It took us a long time to get Miss Priss to cooperate too, luckily our tech was VERY patient with her!! You're 17 days ahead of me, they said little girl was measuring 3#1oz when we were there on Thurs! Hooray! Am I the only one nervous about delivery?? I'm so glad you got good pics! Ours had knees, hands, arms, placenta, and cord in her face--amazing they could get some good ones! Can you believe that they already have chubby cheeks--I'm just in awe here and know you are too! Congrats--this is soooo fun! I posted some on her blog if you wanna check them out (I cheated and took pics on my phone of the pics and uploaded that way--it's easier for me!).

  2. It was amazing to finally see her face:) once she moved her arms and legs out of the way- LOL! THANK YOU for sharing your blog, I am a follower know, and you all did get some great pictures!!!!!!

  3. i wanna see them pictures! ; )