Thursday, April 28, 2011

32 week check-up

So tomorrow I will be 32 weeks along ! I had my check-up and again it was the usual "quick" check up, weight, blood pressure (which nurse commented was up but doc didn't say anything about it), urine sample, belly measurement, and heartbeat. The doc did mention my visit with the anesthesiologist, and asked if I liked him etc...I said yes BUT he scared me! He said well he just wants you to be prepared. I asked about coming appointments because the appointment before last he mentioned an ultrasound for this appointment and I didn't have one (I am fine not having one since we just had the 3d/4d ultrasound done but I just was wondering). Well ask and you shall receive! I am now going TWICE a week to the doctor. I am having a non-stress test done twice a week and a bio-physical profile once a week; and still seeing the OB every other week. I will be having a full body ultrasound in two weeks and then I probably won't have another one until right before delivery time.So my calendar is QUICKLY filling up! I have my appointments made for the next two weeks. The MAJOR issue is figuring out who is going to watch the kiddos?! Right now I have scheduled most appointments while my daughter is at school, and then my son goes to my mom's work however she works at a doctors office and that is not ideal; she also said that she can't have him there as often as I will be going to the doctor now. Hubby is going to try and cover some of them, but with his job that is not easy and he wants to be at a few of the appointments (he surprised me today and went to the appointment, I think after my scare with the anesthesiologist he figured he better go!). Oh almost forgot to share this funny story. So last night hubby and I were talking about my doctors appointment for today, and I was wondering what it would entail, when they would start examines, and more monitoring etc... Well hubby says "oh they probably won't do that for a while, probably not for 6 weeks". I said "HUH, really they are going to wait till the last 2 weeks to do that?!" hubby says "WHAT!!!!!! We only have 8 weeks???? OH I am so NOT ready!" LOL! Well he better get ready:)


  1. okay, i'm really debating whether it would be better to have a "complicated" pregnancy (smile) -- two visits a week?! how wonderful!!! I barely get 5 minutes once a week!

  2. You are going to be busy! It sounds like they are taking good care of you. I hope everything works out for childcare.

  3. So busy and so close!! Hubby cracks me up!!!