Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3d/4d Ultrasound

Monday evening we had our 3d/4d ultrasound. Hubby got tied up at work, and was running late (late for the time we wanted to leave by) however somehow we managed to get to the place 25 minutes early. We had planned to leave the house with plenty of time not knowing how traffic would be etc...  We ended up taking both kiddos with us because my mom had enough of our son and his misbehavior this weekend, she had worked all day on Monday and my dad was home with a bum shoulder and to top things off he didn't take a nap and his behavior tends to be worse when he doesn't get his sleep. So on the way to the appointment he ended up falling asleep and got a decent nap in and was very good through it all:) We got to our appointment hoping they could go ahead and take us but they couldn't because there was someone ahead of us (who showed up 20 minutes late!) and we didn't get our ultrasound started on time but all was good. So anyhoo on to the ultrasound, Little Missy wasn't cooperating at all! Her head is up on the left side basically in my ribs:) her feet are on my right side. So we could see very clearly her little feet and all her girl parts but that is it. Her hand/arm is up by her head again and we tried and tried to get a good look at her face/ profile but she was having no part of it! I moved from side to side, sat up for a little bit etc.. So we ended up getting nothing; we are going to attempt it again next Monday at noon.  They suggested drinking ice cold water prior to the ultrasound, which I did this last time; she also suggested juice etc... but I cannot have anything with caffine or sugar because of my heart condition and diabetes. I am going to attempt to go on a full bladder, that way if she isn't moving I can empty my bladder and maybe she will move etc... I am trying to keep note of anything that gets her moving but really there isn't any rythme or reason to her movement with the exception of when I read books to the kiddos so I may be taking some kids books to read:)  Fingers crossed that she will cooperate this time! My daughter is REALLY excited to take ultrasound pictures into her class to show everyone. I will keep everyone posted:)


  1. I'm so glad your son was cooperative, now if only miss priss could've been too! :) I've heard to jiggle your belly a lot, or you could try using the flashlight on your tummy to move her--sounds a bit annoying to her, but you know you want those pics! :) Hoping ours cooperates tomorrow! She seems to be changing positions a lot, but I know she was in my ribs the other night b/c they felt bruised!! Silly girls, can't wait to meet both our girls!

    Also, my monogram lady had a onesie to monogram for me and it got a hole in it, so she's going to cover it with an applique something--if the ripping the other out and replacing doesn't work, just another thought :)

  2. uncooperative children. sigh. it's the beginning of bliss! ; )

  3. Sorry that you didn't get to see her face - I know that would have been the highlight of the ultrasound. Maybe next Monday, she will be more cooperative.

    Juice or sweets usually works for me and our little boy, but since you can't have those, that will limit your options.

    Maybe you could try to lay on your left side? Sometimes that works...

  4. I hope Monday goes better for you!