Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lots coming up

Haven't updated in a while, it has been busy busy busy with life.  Well I have definitely hit the third trimester! My feet tend to swell easily, I am peeing MORE and MORE, especially at night (last night I was up 4 or 5 times!) and I am getting bigger so it is harder to get up and down- LOL! Don't get me wrong I am NOT complaining, I am taking it all in stride and enjoying the journey:)
Last week was spring break in our town, but we didn't do anything special, the weather wasn't the most cooperative either. Last Wed. I was suppose to have an appointment with the endocrinologist- I see her once a month since I am pregnant and I fax my blood sugars at least once a week. So since I had an appointment on Wed. I had both kids with me, but I bribed them with a special treat if they were good at the doctors appointment. So we drive downtown where the docs office is, go in sign in and wait to be called. I am finally called to the desk to take care of insurance etc... and they asked me if I had an appointment?! Um YES! Long story short, they looked in my chart and saw where they had photo copied my lab orders with my appointment card- proof that yes I did have an appointment that day at that time, however they didn't put it into the computer. The doctor, wasn't there that day, the physicians assistant etc... was in a class, if I wanted to wait around for the class to end (an hour long class) and she had a couple other patients to see then she would try to fit me in! UM I  don't think so! To top things off they cannot get me in till May, so that means I will not be since this month! So frustrating, especially knowing it is their fault. The kids were thrilled, that it was a quick trip and since I did make them a promise I had to follow through, we went to a local ice cream shop that also has sorbet (for my son who is allergic to dairy).
This Thursday I have my next OB appointment, should be a quick appointment. I think the rest of my appointments will involve more monitoring and be a little more involved since we are getting closer:)
This Sunday is my baby shower. I am looking forward to it, I know my mom and friend have been working really hard on it and from what little I know it sounds like it is going to be a very nice shower. The shower will include my kiddos (and my friends/families kids/ girls), it's guys weekend at the lake meaning my brother, dad, hubby and some of their friends spend a long weekend at the lake where my parents have a place- so my son will be at the shower however my parents have a playroom so I have a feeling that is where he will be hanging out. (I will do a post next week all about how the shower went). I am looking forward to getting a few things from my mom, she has been busy making me some stuff that she is giving me at the shower- a blanket and gowns for our little one.
Next Monday evening we have our 4D ultrasound scheduled =)  So EXCITED to see our little girl again! We were debating whether to take the kiddos with us, and we decided to leave it up to the kids themselves if they wanted to go. Here is the funny thing I was explaining what the 4d ultrasound was- pictures of your baby sister, and it will be on a tv screen etc... After explaining it to my son, he adamantly said NO he doesn't want to go!? Not sure what to think about that, then I explained a little more and he said he would think about it and get back to me (he is 3 yrs old!). My daughter is excited and definitely wants to go. So we will see who ends up going, but I am excited.


  1. so jealous you get a high tech ultrasound! and I hope your ob appointments are involved -- mine seem to last about 5 minutes! can't wait to hear how your shower goes!!!

  2. Enjoy your baby shower and seeing your little one again!

  3. Britney- my hubby has connections that we are able to have the high tech ultrasound- but I am very thankful for that! My OB appointments have been the same way, in and out seems like 5minutes max etc.. however because I am getting closer to my due date, and I am high risk they monitor me more closely etc... how closely I am not sure. I do know that by the end I will be seeing my OB 2 x's a week!
    THANK YOU for your kind thoughts:) I am looking forward to my shower (just wish and hope my MIL is NOT there!!!!! that would make it perfect. I know that sounds horrible but I am just being honest).

  4. Have so much fun at your baby shower!!! Enjoy every minute! Hope your 4D is fun too, we have one next week, I'm so excited to see this girl too!!

    That's the pits about your Endo! I would've been super frustrated too!!!