Thursday, March 31, 2011

Check-Up (28 weeks tomorrow)

So this morning I had my check- up the with the OB. My hubby was planning on being there, which kind of surprised me since it was just a routine check-up etc... but I was thrilled that he wanted to be there. However it wasn't in the cards for hubby to be there, he was out doing something for work and finished in plenty of time to make the appointment however he got stuck in traffic and missed the appointment:(  It's kind of weird since I wasn't counting on him being there but I was disappointed when he wasn't able to make it. Anyhoo like I said it was just the usual appointment, and all is well:)  YEAH!!! They are going to schedule me a consult with the anesthesiologist in the coming weeks, due to my heart condition, just a precaution no big deal. And get this I go back to the OB in TWO weeks!!!!!! YES I am on the 2 week schedule now:) WOW, hard to believe! I asked when my next ultrasound would be and he said not for another month:(  But I also asked him about the 4d ultrasound, when is the best time to have that done etc... and he said late 20 weeks/ early 30 weeks so basically any time now!!! YEAH, so we will be scheduling that soon too. WOW the 2nd trimester has seem to fly by, and I have a feeling the 3rd trimester is going to be the same way especially with how busy we will be and so much to do!


  1. so neat! i'd love to see your 3-d! (Our dr office won't do it unless med necessary, so take advantage if you can have yours be covered by insurance!)

  2. Ooo! I want to see the 4d pics too! Glad that all went well today.

  3. Britney- we are actually not going through insurance for our ultrasound. My husband has a friend/ co-worker whose family owns an ultrasound company etc... and we are getting our 4d ultrasound done there at a VERY cheap price (a 12pk of his favorite beer!). When I get them done I will upload them and share:) THANK YOU!