Thursday, March 17, 2011

double digits

Look at my counter, yes I am now in double digits?! WOW! Now it seems like time is flying by! I have a kind of weird feeling about it all. I started off the pregnancy so scared (and there still is a little of that fear inside of me that something is going to go wrong etc....) and spent all of the first trimester and about half of the second trimester in complete fear and I guess denial that this was actually happening. I just want to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE being pregnant and I have a feeling I am really going to miss it, now don't get me wrong I am excited to meet this little girl and all the fun times ahead for our family. I just have a feeling that once I am no longer pregnant, that is going to be hard on me, after all I spent so many years trying to get to this point and I am not sure that I will ever experience it again.
Hope everyone is having a great St.Patty's Day- we are actually having some beautiful weather:)  My day was going GREAT until our bball team lost in the tourney this afternoon :(  It was a hard loss too, but then again when are they easy ones?!
HAPPY ST.PATRICK'S DAY to everyone!!!!!


  1. Woohoo! It won't be long now!

  2. Hooray for double digits!!! So close, and so ready to 'meet' your little girl too!

  3. i'm so glad you are loving being pregnant -- i know you are in the majority!