Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What to get? and other questions

So my good friend from College and my mom are having a baby shower for me in a couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to the shower but also a little nervous that not many people will show. I know that my friend and mom are putting a lot of effort into this special day. I really want to show my friend how much I appreciate her support as well as having this special day for me. So do you all have any ideas on what to get as a thank you for throwing me a baby shower?

On another note I really want to have some pregnancy/ baby bump pictures taken (professionally) however I am not sure when you typically have these pictures done. Need some input on when the best time to have these pictures done ?( I will be 28 weeks this Friday:)  Also I am not sure where to go, now I know you all don't live in the same town as me etc... however do you go to a photography company (por.trai.t  I.n.novat.ions)- that is where we take the kiddos for their pictures, we have been taking them to the same place since my daughter (first child) was 1 month old  or do you typically go to a professional photographer. I need some ideas, but also need to watch the budget!

In other news, the lovely rash is coming back- however not nearly as bad. I talked to my cousin who had the same rash with her first full term pregnancy and she had warned me it came back on her too! I am dealing with it and trying not to use the lovely Sa.rna lotion (although it does feel good and helps) because of the smell, my hubby says I smell like a nursing home- just lovely!!  I am still having swelling in my feet, mainly my left foot and when I have been on my feet a lot; however after the kiddos go to bed I prop my feet up and that helps:)  I go back to the OB on Thursday for my check-up not sure if I will have an ultrasound, hoping I do but kind of doubting it. I think starting with this appointment I will be seen more often as I enter the 3rd trimester which I think includes more ultrasounds:)  I am also going to talk to my doc about a 3d/4d ultrasound, I know they can be pricey however we have connections:)  My hubby's old boss (they still work together he is just no longer my hubby's boss etc...), his family owns an ultrasound business and we can get a 3d/4d ultrasound basically for free- all we have to do is give his old boss a 12 pk of his fav. beer:) So I am looking forward to having that done, hopefully soon.
Hope everyone is having a great week! Will update after my ob appointment on Thurs.
Not much else going on, we are staying busy, busy busy, and I was looking at the calendar for April and we have SO MUCH stuff going on, I have a feeling this month is going to fly by!


  1. I've thrown several baby showers (like an alcoholic working in a bar -- ha ha!). My favorite gift was a gift certificate for a pedicure! I've also gotten bath-type baskets (lotions, candles, etc.). Those were nice.
    Also, I was told to have the baby bump pictures sometime in the 7-8 month mark. You're big, but not so big that you no longer want to be photographed!

  2. Most people I know have used private photographers. Find someone who is young but does nice work and pay them by the hour. Often with this type of arrangement they send you the digital prints and you have printed whatever you like. This also allows you to have pictures taken at home or at a nice park.

  3. First, I'm so sorry that yucky rash is coming back--boo, but hope the cream works for you!

    I've gotten good gifts before that were glasses that had our initial on them, a monogrammed makeup bag, most recently a plate with Cala's name on it. Ever consider one of those pottery places where you could get something personalized?! I wanna hear any good ideas you get because I have another shower to do gifts for too!

    We are having a 4D done when I'm about 28 weeks, I'm jealous you can get yours for a nice prize :) But I'm so excited about it! And I'm still on the fence about maternity pics. I have two photographer friends that I could get to do them, but I just don't know. I've seen so many that I don't like and very few that I do like. I will say my friend had our photog friend do ones that were with a window behind them, so it made it look kinda shadowy and her daughter was kissing her belly (not bare, over the clothes) and it was very tasteful and beautiful, that would be sweet with your kiddos!

    I love getting your good updates, keep them coming--you're getting so close--so fun!