Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yesterday I had to get lab work for my endocrinologist appointment next week. I go to a lab that is really close to my house and normal we are in and out with very little wait. Well NOT yesterday! My son was with me, and we walked into a standing room only waiting room. Then to top things off a guy several people in front of me passed out while having his blood drawn, so that slowed things down. Needless to say we did get out of there in under an hour. So given my track record on appointments this week I was nervous about going to my 24 week ob check-up not knowing what kind of wait I was going to get into. Needless to say the wait wasn't too bad at all. The appointment went really fast. I was not seeing my normal high risk ob because he is on vacation this week so I just saw another ob in the practice, she was nice but VERY quick! She asked me a few questions, listened to the baby's heartbeat (which she pick-up on right away without moving the doppler around!), it was measuring 150, then she measured me and asked if I had any questions. I swear I was probably with the doc maybe 5 minutes- CRAZY!!! I guess that is good, I am happy and relieved that everything is okay and going well, but I sure wish she would have taken some more time. I go back in 4 weeks and I am scheduled with my regular high risk ob:) I sure will be glad to see him.
So tomorrow I am going to attempt the eye doctor, joy joy! I am hoping that it goes smoothly.

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