Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FINALLY home:)

WHEW!!! What a morning/ afternoon I have had, and I am so relieved to be home with my feet up relaxing. I dropped my daughter off at school this morning, stopped at picked my mom up at her work and then we headed downtown for my fetal echo at the cardiologist. Well my appointment was at 9:30 and we got there right at 9:30; we sat and sat waiting to be called back which is never a good sign. Finally I get called back around 10:30 or so and they do the usual weight check, history and ekg (I went to my cardiologist that I normally see), then we are sent back to the waiting room to wait for the echo room. Thankfully we didn't have to wait an extremely long time this time because the waiting room was packed so we were standing. We get back in the echo room and I was talking to my son saying sit down in the chair so you can see your sister on the screen when the tech said "Oh no we aren't doing a fetal echo today." UM excuse me?! That is why I am here, what I am scheduled for. She tells me nope I am scheduled for an echo on me. UGH!!!! So she goes and gets the doc to talk to me, who proceeds to tell me they don't do fetal echos there anymore and that I will have to go to the hospital which is connected. I was FURIOUS at this point. (Yesterday when they called to confirm my appointment they confirmed for a fetal echo!!!) So I go ahead and get the echo on me because apparently I needed it to check on the function of my heart- everything was great thank goodness!! Then they send me over to the hospital for the fetal echo. By the time I get out of the doctors and are heading over to the hospital it is after 12noon and I am STARVING!!!! Of course I didn't bring my insulin pen because I never dreamed that I would be gone all morning! so I can't eat lunch, not that we had time (Lesson learned!). THANK goodness my mom decided to come to the appointment with me, because I don't know how I would have handle everything and my son by myself. I finally get registered at the hospital and get back for the fetal echo, and wouldn't you know it baby girl wasn't the most cooperative! LOL!!! At one point the doctor was about to get a good view that he wanted when she put her foot right in the way. They were able to get good views of her heart and everything looks perfect:) I was so relieved to have that done and know all is well, and I have to admit I enjoyed watching her on the screen.
When we were finally finally done, I headed to take my mom back to work and didn't really have time to go home to get my insulin and eat before having to pick up my daughter at 3pm. THANKFULLY my mom works at a doctors office and they happened to have a sample insulin pen (the kind I use!!), so I got that and stopped at had lunch in the car while my son had his nap. By that time it was time to get my daughter from school, so I picked her up, stopped and got her a treat and my son some lunch because by this time he was awake and starving. So we are FINALLY home at 4 in the afternoon and I am able to put my feet up and relax a little before fixing dinner. Talk about an exhausting and frustrating day, hoping the rest of the week goes better! I still have blood work tomorrow, obgyn appointment Thurs. and eye docs on Friday.

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