Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy Busy!

We have been busy but not a lot going on, just busy with life. I have participated in a local consignment sale for several seasons. Well the consignment sale was a little earlier this year and I debated and debated whether I had the energy to do it this year (it can be a lot of work, getting the clothes, toys etc... out, hung on hangers with safety pins, tagged with description, price and bar code then pin that and tape over the pin; then sort all the clothes by sex and size etc....). However at the last minute my hubby talked me into doing the sale, because we are able to get rid of stuff- make room for more:) and we make really good money- more than I would get at a yard sale or if I took the stuff to a consignment store. So needless to say most of my free time was going to getting ready for the sale, thankfully my mom helped me too!
Once I had all the consignment sale stuff done, and dropped off at the sale it was time to focus on moving the kiddos to the same room. So last week I cleaned my daughters room and closet to make way for her brother. Then I started moving my son's stuff over to my daughter's room. My son was THRILLED and was trying to help (I did this while my daughter was at school). When my daughter came home from school and I told her to get her leotard out for gymnastics that afternoon this is what happened:  
my daughter: "Momma, do you see what I see?"
me: "Um not sure, what do you see?"
daughter: " BOYS stuff in MY room!"
So it was an adjustment to say the least. However that same evening my daughter came up with the thought that, her brother should sleep in her room to "practice" LOL! My daughter's bed has a trundle bed which many a weekend night my son would sleep on, just for the fun of it; however the rule had been only when my daughter didn't have school the next day could he sleep in there etc... (we didn't move my son's bed into the room until this weekend). So my son and daughter have technically been sharing a room since last Wed. and all is going well. I still have to get my hubby to hang a few things of my son's in the room but other than that the switch has been made. Now we start focusing on the nursery. Oh and I also registered for my "classes", hubby and I are doing a marathon Saturday where they pack all the classes into one day (one long day 8:30am till 5pm). We will be taking this marathon class in a couple of weeks, exciting!!!!
This week is a busy week ahead for me. My Monday (today) got messed up due to the crazy storms we had last night. They actually had a 2hour school delay today due to the debris, tornado warnings, high water etc... which meant that my daughter didn't have school today (her school doesn't do delays, so if there is a delay for the county schools her school isn't in session). Of course I didn't even think to check the news station or my phone before getting up, showering, getting dressed etc.. and starting to fix breakfast then I checked my fb account and saw that she didn't have school- UGH!!! I totally could have used the extra sleep! I had been sleeping so much better however I awoke last night around 4am to storms and thought I heard a tornado siren but could not tell because my hubby was snoring like a freight train. So then I tossed and turned the rest of the night:(  Apparently the storms or something in the atmosphere turned my kids into little devils because they were not in good moods! It was a rough morning dealing with the rain/ storms; the grumpy kids and trying to get my grocery shopping done-UGH!  The good part about Mondays- the show the bachelor, yes I am hooked!!!!! (every season I say I am not going to watch but then I end up watching LOL!)
Tomorrow I have my fetal echo, I am just a wee bit nervous just because it is another test etc.. however I think everything will go well. My mom is going with me:) so she can get a glimpse of the baby. I am relieved that someone (other than my son-LOL) is going with me. Then Wed. it is more lab work, Thurs my next obgyn appointment and Fri I plan to get my eyes tested (I have to get them tested every trimester). So I will be updating the blog more this week as I have doctors appointments.
Hope everyone who had to deal with the storms last night is doing well, and everyone has a great week!

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  1. WOW... and here I thought I had a busy week! Sounds like you have lots of doctors appts! Glad that moving the kiddos into the same room is working. :)