Monday, March 14, 2011

Marathon Class

Saturday Hubby and I spent all day at the hospital in birthing classes. It was a long day (8:30am-5pm) however very informative. I have so much to think about, and plan for, but it also cleared up so much as well. I will say I am a little overwhelmed with the idea of the birth and then coming home to two very active little kiddos with a newborn and trying to recover from birth. It is kind of funny to say but this is something I have wanted for a very very long time, carrying a child etc... however I never really gave the actual birth much thought, I guess because it seemed like I would never get to that point. But now reality is starting to set in, and in about 15 weeks I will be giving birth to our daughter and that really scares me! Honestly I am not sure which way I will go, c-section, natural or with meds. Obviously we would only do c-section if it is medically necessary. As far as natural vs meds it will depend on what it actually feels like because I just don't know, I mean I hear what other woman say but they are not me.
Then their is the whole breast feeding. I want to try it, but they were honest and really got the point across that it is not an easy task in the class on Sat. I want to give it all my effort to try. The truth of the matter is I may not even be able to breast feed at all. Twelve almost 13 years ago I had a breast reduction and lift, and because of this I may not be able to breast feed. If I am able to, I worry about trying to breast feed for the first time and once again dealing with two little ones at home.
So you see why I am feeling a little overwhelmed by everything. I am trying to remind myself it is just like going to school/ college each semester we would get the syllabus that would layout everything that we would accomplish/ have to have completed within that semester and each semester I would be overwhelmed and question whether I could do it- however each semester I did!


  1. phew! that is a lot going on! proud of you for doing the marathon class. we have weekly classes starting in april. i'm with you -- i'm going to try breastfeeding (hello, i wanna lose this weight! hee hee), but am not going to put a lot of pressure on myself. Let's ENJOY THIS! ; )

  2. That is a lot of info to take in in one day! You'll make the right decisions when the time comes. Our birthing class instructors kept telling us to keep this goal in mind- "healthy baby, healthy mom".
    As far as nursing is concerned, if you're able to do it, the first few days are the toughest. When we first came home from the hospital,I couldn't imagine nursing for another week, much less for an entire year. However, once you get past the first week or so, it becomes much easier.

  3. whew! I feel overwhelmed with you!! I know we have a lot to think about, huh? Reality about birthing definitely set in for me after my water birth class and touring the birthing rooms with the tubs. I started imagining myself there and thought, "Oh my goodness! This is really happening!!" Most of my friends have also breastfed and so I have had the fortune of seeing them make it look fairly easy once you get the knack for it. Honestly, after making formula and cleaning a bazillion bottles and warming them, etc... breastfeeding seems like a breeze. Ha!

  4. Hi :) I wanted to say good luck to you and also to say thank you for posting on my blog. You commented that you had to use a wedge pillow at one point and that it really helped with your sleeping? Maybe a silly question, but where did you get the pillow from? Just a place like a bed.bath.andbeyond or was it a medical supply place? I think it would be a good idea for us to get something like that for my husband - thanks for the idea. If you have time, can you respond on my blog? (I left this same question for you there, but I didn't know if you would read the comments again...) Thank you. :)

  5. THANK YOU all for your support:) Knowing that you all are feeling the same helps. I wasn't sure the reaction I would get, because this is something I have wanted for so long and now that it is here, reality is setting in along with fear! I am trying to breath, relax and take it one day at a time; according to my counter on the side I have approx. 100 days to prepare!
    Wendy- Hi:) Hope that things are going well! I commented on your post, figured it would be easier for you to read etc...