Monday, March 14, 2011

still itching!!!

So I talked to the ob's office last week and they said to quit taking the vitamins (switch back to what I was taking), use hydrocortosone cream and take benadryl (whcih I can only take a night because it will make me sleepy). If the rash isn't any better by Friday to call back. So I was completely convinced that it was the vitamins however by Friday when the rash hadn't gotten any better, the hydrocortosone cream wasn't helping etc... I was beginning to think oh no what is this?! 
So I talked to the docs office on Friday and they wanted to send me to the dermatologist- March 31st!!! UGH! However after they went back and talked to the doc, the ob decided to see me today. So I went to the ob's office this morning, heard the baby's heartbeat:) and then found out what my rash is- it is called pupp. It is a rash that some pregnant woman get later on in their pregnancy (my cousin had it with her first pregnancy) and usually with their first pregnancy. Here is the kicker- there is nothing they can do for it!! Oh and he did say it's going to get worse and won't go away till after birth. OMG!!!! You don't understand how UGLY this rash is (it is on my lower arms, upper abdomen, and upper legs) and short sleeve shirt weather is just around the corner!  Not to mention how ITCHY it really is!!!! Don't get me wrong I am completely relieved that it is nothing worse, and that their is no harm to our baby or to myself.
THANKFULLY my cousin did recommend Sa.rna lotion which seems to help for a little bit with the itching, so I have to use it several times a day. So I am bummed that I have this nasty ugly rash:(


  1. Poor girl! So sorry you're going through this!

  2. I'm so sorry you have that and you're the second person today I've heard that has it! Yucky!! Hope the lotion continues to help, but boo for that in the hot weather!