Monday, March 21, 2011

Learned a lesson

Well Saturday I learned a lesson! I learned that I need to take it easy and not try to jam so much into one day otherwise I will pay the price! Friday night my hubby worked later than planned and we missed the fish fry which I was looking forward to:( So Friday night we ended up staying in, however my niece spent the night, the kiddos LOVED LOVED that! Then Saturday I spent all day on the go! I started out taking all three kiddos to a local breakfast and play, then it was home for lunch, and back out with just the girls to a local bridal shop so that they could be fitted for their flower girl dresses (my daughter and niece are in my cousin's wedding this summer). Then my daughter was needing/ wanting a girls afternoon so we went to tarjay for some girls time shopping, she enjoyed a YUMMY treat from the coffee shop there (my niece went with her mom, they already had plans etc...). After having fun shopping we decided to go home a pick the boys up and continue our shopping at the mall, getting the kids some MUCH needed spring clothes and picking dinner up in the food court (because between my son who has food allergies and my daughter who is BEYOND picky it makes it easy to please everyone!). Then after the mall we headed to the big baby store to finish our registry, we had purposefully left things off the registry for the kids to pick out. My son LOVED the little gun/ tag shooter you zap the upc code with and my daughter enjoyed picking out all kinds of girly and mostly purple stuff -LOL!!! So by the time we got home and got the kids in bed I was EXHAUSTED to say the least and my poor feet were swollen and hurting! So lesson learned, need to take some time for myself to put my feet up and rest each day!
Thankfully Sunday I was able to take it easy, enjoy the b-e-a-utiful weather and take a nap too! I felt so much better by Sunday afternoon. The kiddos played outside and we enjoyed dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants with my parents! Then it was home to get ready for the week ahead.
The one "bad" moment in the weekend came when hubby decided it was time to put the crib together. He got the box opened and started pulling out all the pieces when I heard a LOUD Uh-OH! Yep we had gotten the crib delivered in the box about a month or so ago but that is as far as it had gone, it layed in the nursery waiting to be put together. Well when my hubby opened the box he found that the headboard was broken:(  So this morning I spent some time talking to the manufacture who was nice and said no biggie that their was a warranty and they would just ship a replacement part. Then about 30-45 minutes later I get a call from the manufacturer saying that they didn't have any replacement parts or that style crib in their warehouse and the tentative date for their arrival in the warehouse is the end of May!!!! I was heartbroken:(  I was so looking forward to getting her room together etc... but there really isn't much I can do, it is the crib I want and it was a good price etc.... So I just wait! Realistically she won't be in the crib for a while any ways because she will be in the bassinet etc... but it is just that I wanted everything ready etc.... So I am bummed about that!

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  1. I SO know how you feel when you overdo and get completely wiped out. I have done it a few times myself and want to kick myself every time!

    So sorry to hear about your crib. That is such a bummer. Let's hope that somehow they get it sooner than anticipated. : )