Friday, April 15, 2011

Reading List of Sorts

Ok I am attempting to link up to Kelly's Korner for her SUYL. I have never linked to anyone's blog much less done a SUYL (show us your life) however I have ready many and wanted to do this just finally took the plunge! I love to read, actually my parents and hubby use to make fun of me because before the kiddos I was a veracious reader! I would take 3 or 4 books on a weeks vacation and often would have to go to the store to buy more. However with kiddos my reading isn't what it is use to, and I am kind of a picky reader. So aside from the newspaper that I read daily, the People magazine that I read weekly (and usually have finished cover to cover the day I get it) and the books that I read to the kids (trying to pass my love of reading on, and I think it is working:) I don't have a ton of time for reading. I didn't have a book list and was actually looking for a good book to read since I just finished John Grisham's The Confession- I HIGHLY recommend this read, couldn't put it down, but then I am a big fan of John Grisham too (thankfully so is my dad so I could borrow his copy)! So I was really excited about Kelly's SUYL and I looked through a TON of book lists today and I have no created my own book list and hope to go to half priced books tomorrow (trying to watch our budget!) to purchase a few on my list.
     -Water for Elephants
     -The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    -Firefly Lane
    -The Help

A little background on my reading, my hubby bought me the Kindle not long after they came out/ Oprah had them on her show of Favorite Things a.k.a when they were expensive (I am reminded of them often!) thinking that it would save us money etc.. and I could get a book whenever I wanted. However I have to admit I haven't used my Kindle in a year or more, for me it is just not the same as a book, a real book, where you hold the book in your hand, turn the pages, feel a sense of accomplishment when you close the book after finishing it etc... So since we are watching our spending I try to get really good deals on books, shop at half price books, or borrow books (I would get them from the library however often the books that I am wanting to read have HUGE waiting list and I am not patient enough).
Authors that I like include:
John Grisham
Jodi Picoult
Nicholas Sparks
Wally Lamb
Frank McCourt

My hubby gave me Decision Points for Christmas (by George W. Bush) not my typical read but I really enjoyed it and recommend this book  as well.

If you are stopping by from SUYL THANKS for stopping by, and check out some of my other blog entries:)
Happy reading!


  1. I noticed you like one of the authors I like to read ... John Grisham. I'm going to make a note of your other authors and give them a try as well. Maybe we'll have those in common as well.

    Also ... I usually check the books out from the library (I lapsed on my reading for a while so I have a way to go before I am caught back up to 'current' books).

    However, I recently bought several books at a Goodwill Store (we dont have one here but I was visiting an area that did) and picked up several books for 99 cents each. I bought mostly authors I'd not read before (I just read the back of the book and decided it 'sounded good'). If you have a Goodwill or Thrift store in your area that might be a good option for books.

  2. My husband and I just listened to The Confession during a road trip and absolutley loved it. I also just borrowed Water for Elephants from a friend and could not put it down. I can't wait for the movie! Another good book I just borrowed (I borrow more than I buy) is Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. One of his best for sure. I'm excited to read more of your blog!

  3. Well I went to the bookstore this morning, with the kids in tow (which is not always the best way to book shop! especially on a rainy day when the store is pretty busy). I really really wanted to find The Help or Water for Elephants however they had neither, which I was afraid was going to be the case since they are fairly new/ popular. I did find some good finds, I got The Lincoln Lawyer (saw that on several people's post and it kind of reminded me of a Grisham novel, we shall see), Firefly Lane and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Now the question is which one to start with???? It is a nasty rainy day, the laundry is in, and the kids are down for a nap, time to start reading:)