Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Making progress and Status Quo!

Busy weekend!! Saturday morning I got to "sleep in" till L was awake and wanting breakfast- usually she comes to my side of the bed with her blanket and stuffed animal in hand saying "hi, cereal, milk, in bowl with spoon please"! The rest of the morning was spent piddling around the house while hubby was at the gym. When hubby got home we had lunch and planned the rest of the day- it was a very nice cool (for late May) day so we decided to take the kiddos to the zoo, they were THRILLED!!!! After spending the afternoon at the zoo we headed home so L could get a little nap, and I could "rest". I painted M's nails- during the school year she can't have her nails painted (school rule) so she was excited to get this done.  We then spent the evening celebrating H and M's school year accomplishments with dinner out ( kids eat free that night!!), then hit up a bookstore to get some books for summer reading and topped the evening off with a sweet treat ice cream!
After our busy day on Saturday and late evening I didn't make it to church on Sunday- it's really hard for me to take 3 kiddos by myself, not that, that is an excuse but I needed my rest! Sunday I took all 3 kiddos to the grocery- it was a zoo!!!! But I needed stuff for the cookout at my Aunt's house. Hubby was at the gym till 3pm and then decided instead of going to the cookout with me and the kiddos decided to go see his mom. I have to admit I was a little pissed off. I know we had family time on Saturday but its so few and far between, and it seems like I CONSTANTLY have all three kiddos without any relief/ help. I know he needs to spend time with his mom/ help her out but he goes every weekend, and typically choses to go and "avoid" things.  This past Saturday when he went, they sat around watching tv and then went out to dinner! While i had all 3 kids, preparing food for the cookout, grocery shopping, getting all the kiddos ready for the cookout and taking them by myself! The cookout was nice but I couldn't relax/ enjoy myself because I was constantly having to watch the kiddos, get them food, drink etc... I was worn out by the time I got home, all three kiddos bathed and in bed. Hubby hit home and decided to finally pull out all the kiddos clothes (something I've been asking him to do for some time!), I just didn't have the energy but somehow I found it and spent till 12:30 am Sorting/ organizing the clothes. Monday I spent all day going through bins of clothes, organizing, washing and trying to organize the girls bedroom. Finally made some head way on getting ready for EK! I still have to go through M and H's clothes and organize them. I'm consigning all of H's clothes, saving all of M's clothes for L and EK. I still need to figure out where to put all of EK's clothes, bibs, burp clothes, blankets etc... I'm looking at closet organizers to help with that.
Today I had my ultrasound, NST and doctors appointment. I left the house at 10am, hubby came home from work- the kiddos were dressed but they needed their teeth brushed, I told him this. I swear I could've gotten better child are from a teenager!!!! He is like another kid sometimes! They sat and watched tv the ENTIRE time I was gone, didn't brush their teeth, he didn't change L's diaper ( when I got home it was falling off of her, because it was so wet!); didn't feed them lunch and left his snack wrappers laying around! I know I'm "sensitive" and tired right now but a little help would be much appreciated!!! He text me the entire time I was gone wanting to know when I would be home- I wanted to tell him " hold on let me get my crystal ball out!" UGH!!! My appointment was a long one- didn't get home till 1:15pm but its not in my control, it's not like I'm out at the spa or shopping by myself or something! Anyhoo enough of my venting, my appointment went well, no real changes, she was very active for her NST, we got some more profile Picts in the ultrasound and the doc said "status quo". My next NST is this Thurs.

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