Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Well Mother's Day didn't go like I had hoped, you would think I would quit having expectations- lol!!! Now before I go any further, I want to say I am beyond thankful for my beautiful kiddos and the reason I'm able to celebrate the day. I remember all to well dreading Mother's Day, the emotions and sadness that that day brought! Now with that said, my day started with getting myself and the three kiddos ready for church- which is no small task, especially when we have to leave our house by 8:30am to make the 9am mass. Hubby didn't go, he stayed home to workout and then go train at the studio. M did great at church, H did okay for H (until the end of mass) and L was a handful, I ended up in the cry room with her, and then ended up carrying her out of church at the end of mass kicking and screaming. H as I said did fine till the end when he asked if we could go to Sta.rbu,cks and I said no (I needed to go to the grocery and wanted to try and get there "early"; I can't have anything from there; it's expensive buying 3 snacks and 3 drinks there; and given L's behavior I knew she was done!), well H proceeds to call me names and kick me on the way out of church (yes at the same time I'm carrying a kicking, screaming toddler), I'm sure we were a sight!
I had to stop at my parents house to pick something up- they were not there and I had told the kids this however when H and L realized they weren't getting out at Grammy and Pop's more screaming and kicking ensued. Call me insane, stupid whatever but I then headed to the grocery with all three kiddos in tow (with the crazy week last week I forgot to get my bloodwork done for my doctors appointment this week which means on my normal grocery morning- Monday I needed to get my lab work done). The grocery shopping started okay until we got to the lun.cha,bles when H threw a fit wanting one, and I refused to spend the $$, they are expensive for what they are, they aren't nutritious , and they only want them for the candy and or drink in them. So needless to say the grocery shopping went down hill from there. By the time we got home and I got the groceries put away I was exhausted!!!! But a Mommy's work is never done, I had to fix lunch, marinate the chicken and pork chops for dinner; make fruit salad for dinner; make hubby's breakfast muffins for the week; make the kids snacks and lunch for the next day; clean the kitchen up from all that and throw in a load of laundry. The kiddos gave me their presents (they picked them out at Ba-rr.el, where we ate with my parents on Friday night, my mom took them "shopping" there. M picked out a small statue thats cute, H picked our a car air freshner and L (I'm sure with lots of help from my mom) gave me a cutting mat. H had also made me a card at school:)
Hubby finally got home from the gym around 3:30ish, L was down for her nap, M and H were in the backyard playing and I finally got to sit down and rest a bit. Hubby and the kiddos worked on the front flower beds- edging and putting mulch down etc...
We had a yummy dinner, first cookout of the season, grilled chicken, baked potatoes, salad, broccoli, corn and fruit salad (I fixed the kiddos noodles because H and M don't like potatoes) of course dinner ended with whining by M because she didn't like dinner (this is a CONSTANT battle, unless its spaghetti, grilled cheese etc the few things she will eat and no veggies). Hubby hurried outside after dinner to cut the grass which left me to wash the dishes, bathe all three kiddos and get them to bed. By the end of the night I was exhausted and ready to go to bed early. I did managed to get to bed early only to be awoken by several (5) texts from Hubby's cousin wishing me Happy Mother's Day at 11pm. I hadn't planned on responding to the first text or so, until the next morning however by the 5th one I figured I better! I was finally able to get back to sleep only to be awoken two hours latter by the neighbor's dogs and then their security light that shines right into our bedroom (it's bright even with the blinds closed).
I was glad it was a new day this morning, hoping for a better day! That was not to be. 5:30am came too early, I got up and showered, got ready etc then it was time to wake M up- she is NOT a morning person and this morning was no exception. She woke up complaining about being cold (I put her robe on her); then she complained she couldn't find her slippers (turns out H had put them in her shoe bin when he was cleaning their room, who would've thought they'd be there?! LOL); then she complained about it being too bright, she hates our kitchen- this is a CONSTANT complaint of hers!! After 30 minutes of whining, complaining etc she finally decided on cereal with milk for breakfast (shouldn't have been hard bc we had just gone to the grocery the day before and she had several choices that she picked out) only to throw the biggest tantrum over the milk saying she didn't like that kind and refused to eat what I fixed.  All this while I'm trying to wake H up and get him going. M piddle and refused to eat so she went to school mad, upset and hungry and I felt guilty. What a way to start a Monday, but on a good note only a week and a half left of school which means 1 more Monday to have to get up early for school until August:)
Oh I've been meaning to mention this, anyone else having issues with their toddler not wanting to get into their car seat? OMG L has gotten HORRIBLE about it and its a constant battle. I honestly think its a toddler/ independence/ wanting to exert her will thing but I'm over it! We turned her car seat around to forward facing a little early (they are suppose to be two yrs old) hoping that would help, but no it just made it harder for me to get her in, which I must say is not easy! I'm trying to climb up into the vehicle (a very large SUV, she's in the middle seat due to M and H's car pool), while L is fighting me the entire time, grabbing onto other seats, kicking and screaming etc EVERY single time we put her into the car; and when we get out as soon as she is unbuckled she's trying to climb into the other seats away from me. I dread having to go anywhere with her because its such a battle! (Oh and as soon as she's in her seat and calmed down she's taking off her shoes and socks- thankfully it's warming up so it will be sandal weather less to have to put back on;) Any advice would be greatly appreciated on how to handle L so it's not so hard on either of us;)
Hoping the week gets better!!!!!

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  1. I'm thinking you could really use a break or at least additional back up. Have you thought about having a college student or a teen from your church come and help you with the kids so you can get some relief? I know it's hard to ask, but I bet there would be some young lady who loves children who be happy to hang out with you. Ok, that's my two cents!