Thursday, May 16, 2013

This weeks appointment

This morning I had my weekly doctors appointment and ultrasound and once again they were running behind! I was really nervous when they said they were running behind because M was in her school talent show this afternoon ( yes my shy little girl got up on stage with a few of her friends and sang in front of the entire school!!!); thankfully they weren't as behind as last week- about an hour for ultrasound and my doctor came into the ultrasound room to see me so that made things go more quickly too (I had plenty of time to grab lunch for L and I before going to the talent show). EK is looking good- good heartbeat, moving around, head down, feet on my left side- in my rib cage;) There was no real change in the plac.ental mass/ plac.ental lake, unfortunately it's still there, still a mystery and still a concern. My OB said he's shown 3 or 4 doctors my ultrasound pictures and they just shake their heads and walk away- real comforting!! UGH!! The doctor also talked to me about the las.ix/ water pill the cardiologist prescribed, he doesn't want me on it if its just pregnancy related swelling because it can diminish my fluid, which is something we definitely don't need nor want! The good thing is, I quite taking these pills a couple of weeks ago when the cardiologist said the swelling/ extra fluid wasn't affecting my heart and that it was just pregnancy related. So I go back next Thursday for another doctors appointment and ultrasound. Next week I also go back to the dermatologist, my rash had cleared up but now I have what appears to be dry skin and abrasions like- I'm think from the strong medicine/ ointment I was on, so good thing I have a follow up! Next week I also have my consult with the anesthesiologist, Tuesday evening which hopefully means hubby can go with me, my parents are watching the kiddos for us- what a date night;) LOL ! Next week is also the kiddos last week of school, so it's going to be a busy week!

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