Friday, May 24, 2013

32 weeks; doctors appointments and consult

This week was a busy week with end of the school year activities, tball, anesthesia consult and my weekly ultrasound and doctors appointment.  Monday night H had a tball game but due to the heat my mom took him to his game (Sunday afternoon/ evening M had her bridge over ceremony for gir.l sc.ou,ts along with a picnic for the families in the park. It was a rather warm day, and I over did it! We ended up having to leave the park early to get me home cooled off and feet propped up etc...Earlier in the day, I had gone to mass with all three kiddos by myself, then grocery shopping and in the heat of the day standing for an hour for tball pictures. I was really unhappy about the tball pictures incident, they were scheduled for 2:30 we were told to be there 15 minutes early and don't be late! So I arrived at 2:10- I hate being late! Well we stood around waiting for the coaches kids to show, they didn't show till 3:00 and didn't have their uniforms on, so we had to wait for them to change! UGH!!! If that had been anyone else on the team they would've taken the pictures and we wouldn't have been standing around waiting in the heat! So by the time we get home from pictures it's time to get everyone ready for the ceremony/ picnic so I had very little down time etc...
Tuesday night we had our consult with the OB Anesthesiologist, and it went about like last time did- scaring the crap out of me!!!! Basically he told us that I shouldn't be pregnant, all the risks and possibilities of what could go wrong etc... I know it's part of his job but he didn't sugar coat it at all!!!  After my c-section I will have to go to ICU for a minimum of 24 hours for monitoring. They only have 10 ICU beds/ rooms so they can't guarantee a private room. If I don't have a private room I can't see the baby until I get on a regular room. If I do have a private room they still can't say that I will get to have the baby in the room, it depends on how I'm doing, how she's doing etc... So hubby will be able to go to the nursery and see her etc but I won't.  :(
Thursday I had my weekly ultrasound and doctors appointment. Well they got me through pretty quickly because I had H's graduation that afternoon (I had tried to reschedule but they wouldn't do it because as they said they are booked solid- which I think is part of their problem they are OVERbooked!!). The ultrasound went awesome!!!!! EK was very active, she passed all the " tests" and even gave us a good profile picture:)  The mass/ lake is still there, still the same size, but the tech did day the texture seemed to be changing and possibly breaking down?! Which would be awesome news! But even with the mass/ lake EK is THRIVING!!! She is a WHOPPING 5lbs 11ozs already- YIKES! She is going to be a big girl! After the ultrasound I met with the doc who was his ho-hum self he listened to the heartbeat, measured me and said its time to start twice weekly appointments with NST's (non stress tests). So starting next week I go twice a week. I was very pleased with the appointment because she was so active and thriving:)
This weekend I hope to get some "organization" done on the girls room but we will have to see how my energy level is- today it's very low!
Hope everyone has a fabulous long/ Holiday weekend!!!!

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  1. That's great that baby girl is doing so well and getting so big!