Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Craziness, don't know what else to call it!!!

So yesterday I had my cardiology appointment, just a check- up during pregnancy kind. I was schedule for an echo, EKG and see the doc at 10:40am. I got to the office in plenty of time- thankfully brought L's backpack with snacks, books, crayons etc... I didn't get called back for my blood pressure, weight, EKG until 11:40!!! After they do that they put me back out in the waiting room till an echo room is available! Finally I'm called back for that- didn't note the time. Then after my echo I go to another room to wait on the doctor. The good news is everything looks good, no changes, heart function is looking good:) As far as the swelling just pregnancy related, not affecting my heart, but I can increase my water pill to twice a day and three a day on the really bad days. We talked about what my OB said on Monday and she asked if we wanted a 2nd opinion and recommended another high risk OB. Not sure if we are going to or not, haven't been able to talk to hubby about it- you'll see why later in the post! The cardiologist also said the rash I have has no correlation to the swelling in my legs. The itching is HORRIBLE!!!!! The cardiologist also recommended meeting with the anistesiologist soon just in case I go early, so I'll be talking to my OB about that next Thursday. I also talked to her about EK's VSD and she didn't see any mention of it in the fetal echo notes?! So who knows!! I go back to the cardiologist for another EKG, echo and see the doc in 6 weeks, I finally left the doctors office at 1:15pm, by the time I got home I had 30 minutes to get our (mine and L's) lunch and eat before having to leave to go get the other kiddos from school!
We get home, get settled ( M started on homework, L down for a nap, H relaxing and me doing some laundry) and try to get some things done before H's tball game- thankfully my mom offered to take him. So my mom arrives fashionable late as usual and takes H to his game- M tagged along. I decide to get started on dinner and realize our refrigerator has quit!!!! At first I thought the lightbulb was out, then I thought we just had tripped the circuit breaker. Well come to find out wherever we plugged the refrigerator in it tripped the GFI. So basically we needed a new refrigerator ours bit the dust. Hubby got home said he wasn't feeling well- he had a headache all day and didn't feel right. so we took his pulse and blood pressure- his blood pressure was okay, not the best and his pulse was in the high 90's- this concerned me however he ate some dinner, drank some soft drink with caffine and took some tyl.en.ol and hurried out in search of a new refrigerator. Thankfully we found a larger, nicer one than we had, at a decent price, no interest for 12 months, it has a rebate, and they delivered it this morning and hauled away the old one!!!!! YAY!!! Yes it was a HUGE hassle, trying to save all the food (I had just gone to the grocery the day before!), hurry out and find/ buy a new one- no one ever wants to just go out and spend that kind of money but thankfully we had the means to do so! We finally got home after 10pm and didn't get in bed till 11:30. Before heading to bed we checked hubby's blood pressure and pulse again- the blood pressure was much better but his pulse was in the high 80's low 90's but he wanted to go on to bed. (He felt better this morning and still felt fine at lunch time some hopefully it was due to the headache!)
L ended up in our bed AGAIN, her allergies and teething are bothering her. So not only did I get kicked off and on by EK, but L did the same because she is a restless sleeper. I was up at 2am because my rash was really bothering me and then hubby got two phone calls and a text from work at 2:30am. Mind you I get up at 5:40am in order to be able to shower and then get everyone up for school, work etc... So needless to say I'm just a tad tired this morning!
On top of all this my blood sugar decides to go wacko! I had to call my endocrinologist to help me figure out what to do, my blood sugar reading yesterday morning was. 141- which is extremely high for me it should be around. 90! Anyhoo she called me back yesterday and talked to me about what was going on, made some adjustments to my insulin and I was to call her back this morning to update her on my readings (I wasn't able to call till around noon, due to getting M and H off to school, delivery of new refrigerator etc and then picking up H from school. So I haven't heard back from her yet ).
So that about sums up the craziness going on with me/ with our household!!!

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  1. I'm tired just reading that! I hope you sleep well tonight!