Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rough Nights!

Wednesday night I was miserable, I couldn't get comfortable or relief from the rash all over my legs, I was up most the night. I also had a Charlie Horse, and L ended up in our bed again so between all that going on not much sleep was taking place. I called my OB's office first thing in the morning to see they could get me some relief, and I also talked to my mom- she works in a doctors office and often has connections etc... I got M off to school, and was sitting in carpool line at H's school when my mom called to say she got me an appointment with her dermatologist first thing that morning/ as soon as I could get there. Thankfully I had showered, and L was dressed and had, had breakfast however I was dressed in a tshirt, hubby's gym shorts and hadn't had time to brush my teeth- I was looking/ feeling swell;) I was thankful to get an appointment so quickly, and they were super nice at the office. It appears to be some type of pregnancy related rash, they gave me a prescription for a cream to use twice a day and take Ben.adr.yl at night. They want to watch me closely so I have a follow up Monday morning. I have to say the cream has helped some but not a great deal?! I didn't realize until Thursday night we were out of adult Bena.dry.l so I couldn't take it that night but made sure I picked some up on Friday.
Friday I was able to get my hair done:) YAY!! It felt good to get my hair done. M went with me to the salon so it was a little girl time! ( we live in KY no school on "o.ak.s day aka as the day before The rest of Friday was a "normal" day with L getting into all kinds of mischief including finding one of daddy's highlighters and coloring all over our bedroom wall while mommy was doing laundry.
Then late Friday night, around midnight hubby's mom called with the call we all dread, hubby's father had, had a massive stroke or heart attack. Hubby's parents live about 45 minutes away, but hubby decided to stay the night at home (I was worried about him driving alone and I had no one to call and come watch the kiddos so I could go with him), and left early this morning. The next several days, weeks and months are going to be really tough on hubby and his mom- he's an only child. His parents had made no previous arrangements, so he and his mom are doing that today and trying to sort through all that had to be done. I told the kiddos this morning when they woke up, not sure how much they grasp/ understand, I did the best I could to explain it to them. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

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