Friday, May 24, 2013

Exhausted Momma but a good week!!

First off SCHOOLS OUT, SCHOOLS OUT TEACHER LET THE MONKEYS OUT!!!!! Woo-Hoo!!! We had a busy week full of end of the school activities including H's graduation; and of course my weekly doctors appointment and consult with the anesthesiologist thrown on there too! M's last day of school was Wed. with an early dismissal. On Tuesday at M's school they apparently had an awards ceremony, I had seen it in the weekly newsletter however I thought it was for the eighth grade, I didn't realize it was for the whole school, so I didn't attend. Well M racked up all kinds of awards, I was SO, SO PROUD of her and very disappointed that I missed it:( I feel like a horrible mommy!!! She got the following awards: future artist award; P.E. excellence award; Music- awesome singing talent award; sign language club completion certificate; excellence in reading, language, math , spelling, science and social studies; perfect attendance; and the Titan award- which is the child that lives out the school pledge on a daily basis and this was voted on by her peers!!!!! Yes I'm a VERY PROUD Momma =) We also got her report card- all A's!!! An awesome first grade year.
Thursday was H's graduation in the afternoon, they put on a play- so so cute, and H did great with his part/ line. Then after graduation we went to a small reception in the classroom and picked up all of H's stuff, took pictures with his teachers and said good-bye's. Today we went back to H's school for their art show- the kiddos art work on display in the gym with a reception- it's more of a social time to say more good-byes and kick off the summer. So now the kiddos are out of school and summer vacation has begun:)
This weekend we are planning a little celebration with the kiddos on a great school year by both M and H. We are planning on going out to dinner, get some ice cream and take them to the bookstore to pick out some new books to kick off their summer reading. I'm also trying to find things that I can do with the kiddos this summer.
I'm going to do a separate update on my doctors appointments for the week.

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