Wednesday, August 21, 2013

6 weeks old!!!!!

Yesterday our littlest princess turned 6 weeks old!! Time is going by too fast, she growing and changing too fast, I think with three other kiddos and craziness it seems to go by faster. I just want to freeze time to be able to enjoy her more when she's so tiny. EK, still doesn't have a good feeding schedule and will often fall asleep during a feeding, I'm trying not to get too worked up about it because she is growing. I've backed off waking her every 2 hours to feed- the doctor said I should feed her every 2 hours till she is 10lbs; I don't let her go a very long but I'm more lax. EK is becoming more alert starting to coo and "talk". Her smile just melts my heart.
On a different note, it's been 6wks since I had EK that means hubby and I can have sex again. Hubby started hinting and alluding to this starting last week UGH!!!! REALLY!!!!!! I'm sorry but that is the LAST thing on my mind. I love my hubby but to be honest if I see a bed all I want to do is crawl in it and sleep, matter of fact anything in a horizontal position makes me think of sleep because I'm exhausted!!! Hubby just doesn't get it, and makes me feel bad, saying I'm not attracted to him, etc...  I just don't think he realizes what my days/ nights are like, I honestly believe he thinks oh she's home all day etc...Any suggestions?

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