Monday, July 22, 2013

Quite the adjustment!!'

It's been quite the adjustment for all!  I'm going to start with the birth story. My sister in law was suppose to be at our house bright and early July 9th, however promptness and early morning are not her strong suit so thankfully my dad was able to come to our house while the kiddos slept until she arrived (30 minutes late !). Thank goodness we made it on time to the hospital and they got me in triage hooked up to monitors fairly quickly. Of course there ended up being an emergency case that pushed my time back, so we sat and waited to go back to the or. I was happy with the nurse and especially the anesthesiologist I ended up with- she was fabulous!!! Once it was our turn to go to the or, I was wheeled back and it was 30 min before hubby could come into the room. The sound of our little girls quite loud cry was the best sound!!! The csection went smoothly, and then it was time to find out exactly what the mass on my placenta was- it turned out to be nothing more than a large blood clot that ruptured when the doc went to remove it. The clot was large enough that it held about a pint of blood!!! They did send my placenta off for biopsy however we haven't heard anything, but the doctor didn't expect it to be anything but a large clot. The bummer was I only got to see our little girl, I wasn't able to hold her, she went off to the nursery and I was taken to ICU for a 24 hour observation. Thankfully later in the day they did bring her to ICU for me to see her and feed her :) In the 24 hours that I was in ICU she was only allowed in my room for feelings and someone from the nursery had to stay with her at all times. I was so glad to finally get moved to the regular mommy/ baby floor the next day (although it was not a peaceful or restful time- do to constant activity of nurses, aides etc and then the construction outside my window- the hospital is expanding)!!My recover in ICU was rough!!! I was sick at my stomach, couldn't eat anything and was throwing up what little I did take in- this was quite a surprise being I did great after L's birth.
Another change from L's birth is we made sure that EK did not get a bottle, that I was able to breast feed right away/ as soon as I could and they brought in a breast pump as well. Thankfully I'm having a much easier and successful time breast feeding EK; something I did not have with L :) With that said my time in the hospital more people saw my boobs than I care to count!! It amazed me how many people would either just walz in or would knock and barge in not waiting for a response! When your feeding every 2 hours and then pumping for 15 minutes after your boobs are out quite a bit- lol!!! But I'm so thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to breast feed successfully our little one:)
Okay my thoughts are all over the place I'm sure due in part to lack of sleep, so I will continue this update in another post.


  1. I'm very impressed that you've been able to post anything at all! You are the super mommy!
    Wow! That blood clot sounds huge. No wonder it confused everyone. I hope and pray that the results come back normal.
    I'm rejoicing with you on the birth of your precious miracle girl!

  2. Good update! Glad that breastfeeding is going well for you! Send pictures when you can!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!