Monday, June 4, 2012


L has her 2nd tooth popping through!!!! I noticed on Saturday that L had another tooth trying to pop through right next to her first tooth. So now I wonder was it her ears that were bothering her late last week or actually teething? I am still giving L her antibiotic just in case it was her ears or a combination of her ears and teething.
I have been giving L more "table food" really just fruits, veggies; however she has had some plain noodles and homemade banana bread- she seemed to like it however I am not sure how much she actually ingested but she sure did make a mess with it-LOL!!!
I finally ordered L's birthday invitations today (better late than never) and will hopefully be here tomorrow or at the very latest Wednesday so that I can get them out this week. So I am making progress and feel better about L's party. Now if my in-laws couldn't make it that would make me feel even better about the party- I know that is horrible but I get sooooo stressed when they are around!

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  1. Good news about slowly emerging teeth, my pediatrician said that "that means she'll be less prone to cavities." I have no idea why, but that's what she told me. I do know that Gracie's teeth came in early and fast. She had three cavities on her very first dental visit, so I'm hoping she's right.
    I'm sure your party will be wonderful!