Saturday, June 16, 2012

FUN Family Day!! (and an update to my last post)

Hubby was off from work yesterday so we decided to surprise the kiddos with a small road trip up to the In.dy Chil.dr.ens Mus.seum for the day. We had an amazing day, I just LOVE LOVE that place, it is perfect for all my kiddos. H was thrilled to be greeted by bumblebee (the tran.sfor.mer) in the lobby- he was grinning from ear to ear. They had some special exhibits- hotwheels and legos M and H really enjoyed them especially H. L LOVED the baby/ toddler area- she got down and was exploring all over the place, she played at the water table and the sand table and cruising all over the place. All three kiddos road a restored carousel- L was loving it before we even got on she was clapping her hands and kicking her feet she was so excited. It really was a fun filled day especially for the kiddos. For dinner we headed to G.att.itown for some pizza and more fun, playing a few video games and hubby and the kiddos did bumper cars- I do believe that was the highlight of the night all three of them were smiling and laughing having a blast!!!! We ended the night with some YUMMY YUMMY desert at a local ice cream shop that we all love.

Last Saturday I did end up leaving L with my parents, against Hubby's wishes and without telling him. L did fantastic,and  had a good time. I did okay leaving her, it wasn't easy leaving her for the first time but I knew she was in good hands and that she would have a better time there than at the play. The kiddos my niece included had a great time at the play. Then we headed to H's last t-ball game of the season. He did great, had two great hits and even fielded a ball or two:)  At the end of the game he got his team and individual pictures as well as his trophy- his FIRST trophy, he was so so proud!!!! I of course didn't know hubby was going to show up to the game as he usually doesn't come to H's tball games especially those on Saturdays and so I got busted he found out that L had spent the morning with my parents. I don't think he was thrilled but I do believe he realized that she was okay etc... Of course he expressed his unhappiness. Anyhoo we are past it for now till the time comes again that I will need to leave L with my parents again.
Also the song that L is singing YES it's a J.Bie.ber song- LOL!!!!!
This coming week is SUPER busy and a BIG BIG day on Wednesday- L's first birthday. I am not sure I will be posting, I have lots to do- two doctors appointments, L's birthday on Wed. as well as her her 1 yr pictures; her party on Saturday; I am going to have my niece all next week too because M and my niece G are going to scout day camp. I have lots still left to do to get ready for her party, as well as LOTS of cleaning and with an extra kiddo in the house not sure how that is going to go! (saw a post on fb- cleaning house with kiddos in the house is like brushing your teeth and then eating oreos- LOL so so true!!!!) Anyhoo hope everyone has a great weekend (and week)!!!!

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  1. I'm glad you all had a fun day together. What a blessing!