Friday, October 1, 2010

We are a GO!

I went for my lining check today and everything looks great:)  We are schedule for transfer next Wednesday morning!!!!  My appointment took FOREVER today!!!! I got there a few minutes before my appointment time, and after sitting a while in the waiting room I knew it wasn't going to be a quick appointment. I finally got called back and I waited and waited for a while (all the time I am half naked and FREEZING!). Finally they come in and do the ultrasound, I still have that stupid cyst on the one side however they are still saying it isn't an issue. She said the lining looked good and we are set for next week, then she tells me they are going to put a stitch in my cervix?! I of course was a little taken aback because they hadn't mentioned this before. So then they prep me for this and say the doc will be back in, in a few minutes after the numbing gel takes affect. Well I sat there for over 40 minutes freezing the entire time! Anyhoo the doc finally comes in and of course apologizes for the wait and explains the procedure- it helps with transfer. The stitch wasn't bad at all, it was like mild cramping of course with the numbing gel in and then being numb from freezing I don't think I could really feel anything anyways LOL!. Anyhoo after the stitch is in, we go over my meds (start the progesterone injects tomorrow- wish me luck because my hubby is not wanting to do them, which means I will be on my own:(  and then of course we had to take care of the financial.  I am excited that we are all a go, I am waiting to hear back from the acupuncturist to set up my before and after transfer appointments.
I am soooo nervous about the shots I will be starting tomorrow, I am sooo dreading them after hearing all your stories as well as seeing the needle-UGH!  I am also a little disappointed that my hubby isn't going to the transfer with me on Wed. looks like I will be going solo. My mom has so graciously taken off work, and it taking care of the kiddos for me so she can't go with me and since we aren't tell anyone else I am left solo. So any advice would be greatly appreciated as well as prayers:)


  1. Yay- exciting news! Praying for a successful transfer.
    The PIO looks worse than it is really. I used 25 gauge needles and it helped A LOT w/ the pain and discomfort. If you ice the area about 5 minutes before you can usually barely feel the needle go in. Inject it as slowly as possible and then rub the area pretty good afterward. Good luck!

  2. I have never heard of that stitch thing before. Good luck with everything!

  3. THANK YOU!!!
    Ashley- I will try the ice thing like you suggested, thank you:)

  4. Praying for a GREAT transfer! I did all my shots myself & would be happy to help if you need it! HUGS! Just email me. There is a video on YOUTUBE that shows how to do it also that someone sent me. It helped!!

  5. THANK YOU! I was looking at all the info that came with the meds and the pharamcy has an online video on how to administer the meds so I will be watching that before I give my first shot today:) But before I give my shot I am going to go and enjoy a massage!