Saturday, September 11, 2010

We have a timeline

Yesterday was my first ultrasound, this is the one that was going to determine the course of action. So I was a little nervous, just not sure what all to expect. Things went great, ultrasound went fine, I do have two tiny cysts on both ovaries however she said nothing to worry about and they won't be an issue. After the ultrasound we went over how things are going to proceede. We are going to transfer two blastocytes and if all goes well that will happen October 6th. I go back for another ultrasound check on October 1st so we will know at that appointment for sure when the transfer will take place. I started Lupron yesterday, gave my first shot in the doctors office to show them that I could do it- piece of cake. Now when I say piece of cake, I am use to giving myself shots, I take insulin and give myself 5 shots a day so what is one more! On the 15th of this month I will stop taking my birthcontrol pills and that is when the other meds will begin. Just curious anyone who is taking or has taken Lupron, does it make you tired? The last two days I just seemed wiped out. I am excited and nervous. While I was at the doctors office they showed me the transfer room, the recovery room, and went over what to expect etc... My husband has downloaded some relaxing music for me to listen to during and after the transfer. I also talked to the docs about accupunture and they recommend it and recommended someone in the local area, so I will be calling her office on Monday about setting up a consultation. I am not sure how many appointments I will do, but will definately do a couple right around transfer time. I just hope that the accupuncturist has evening hours, with hubby's work schedule it is hard for him to get off work, my parents both work so I really don't have a lot of people to rely on to watch the kiddos especially since the only ones who know about this are my parents. Another question I have is on the paperwork it says after transfer to go home and rest for 3 days, do they mean bedrest or just what? I am sure I will ask to clarify that with me however I was just wondering what everyone else has done. My parents are going to be out of town during our transfer so I won't be able to get any help from them. Also did you drive yourself home after the transfer or will I need someone else to go with me? Just some things that I have thought of after my appointment yesterday.
So that is the latest, exciting, we are one step closer each day:)


  1. I didn't notice the Lupron making me tired. Some women have headaches with it but I really didn't have any side effects. We are working with the NEDC and one of my pre-transfer meds is Valium. If you take any relaxant-type meds before your transfer then you'll need someone to drive you; otherwise you should be ok to drive. My dr recommends bed rest for 24 hours afterwards and then says it's ok to travel/work. I would say just try to take it easy as much as possible- no heavy lifting, common sense things.
    You're getting close! Very exciting! Our next transfer is Sept 18th.

  2. How exciting!! It will be here before you know it.

    My clinic required me to have someone drive me home after the FET. I was also on complete bed rest for 24 hours. I was told that I could get up to go to the bathroom and eat, but nothing else. And I was to lay down, not sit up in bed either. But every clinic is very different and some do not restrict you at all. I would definitely ask your clinic what they want you to do.

    Can't wait to hear that it is time for your transfer!

  3. WOW! Ashley your transfer is right around the corner, how exciting:) I will be thinking about you, fingers crossed and saying some prayers!
    My doc did mention giving me something to relax me before the procedure so I guess I will probably need someone to drive me home. Should be interesting trying to rest at home with two little ones! I guess we will be watching movies and reading books:)