Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I called the acupuncturist that my fertility doctor recommended yesterday and after waiting till this afternoon with no response I called back and left another message. She- the acupuncturist called me back, she seems very nice and I have set up a consultation for next Monday afternoon. Thankfully my hubby is on a different work schedule so I was able to get an afternoon appointment while the kiddos are napping:) I am excited about getting started. She recommends weekly appointments as well as an appointment before and after the  transfer. Of course hubby wasn't thrilled with the cost, it was the same cost as the 30 min. session we had with the social worker or whatever she was that basically said we are stable to proceed etc... he made the comment that it must be the going rate. He understands the necessity but is just frustrated with how much everything cost, which I am too but I guess we just express it differently. So another step forward in our journey.
I am still feeling tired etc.. so I have my theories either: one I am getting sick because I have a tickle in my throat and congestion etc... or two: my thyroid is out of wack- I am having that tested next week. Or I guess theory 3 could be both! Lupron shots are going well, and I take my last bcp tomorrow:)


  1. I hope the acupuncture goes well and helps you through the cycle!

  2. I am by no means discouraging your trying out the acupunturing because I know a lot of women going through IF use them and swear by them. However, the doctor at the NEDC (who is doing my embryo adoption) was specifically asked about acupuncture and he didn't recommend it because he doesn't think it is effective. Just something to consider, especially when you're thinking about the added cost....
    Enjoy following your story!

  3. Acupuncture REALLY WORKS! It is so relaxing! I was freaked at first but quickly got used to it!

  4. Thanks for the info Ashley- that is the first time that I have come across a fertility doc that didn't recommend it, interesting. I am going to go ahead and do it because I would be doing the what if's etc... afterwards. I am looking at it as a chance to have a little me time, kind of like a massage and if it helps with our transfer it's an added bonus:)