Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Thank you everyone who left comments on my post asking for HELP!  I have finally made a few decisions. I think you all are right simple is the way to go! So I am not making L's skirt- actually found one at one of my fav stores tarjay;) that was probably cheaper in the long run than what I would've spent on materials etc... We are just going to do snacky foods, cake well actually thinking cupcakes and ice cream. I'm not doing a theme just going with the colors- pink, green and purple. I'm going to make a picture banner to hang on the mantel with a picture of L from each month. I have also been working on L's baby book and plan on having that on display. We still need to figure out a time due to hubby's training schedule an L doesn't have a schedule it makes it hard to plan but I'm sure I will figure out something and make it work. I still need to make the invites and get them out asap! But I'm feeling better about it:) Thank you for all your input much appreciated!

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  1. We went simply too. Karis' birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated on Monday with some friends. I did the display of pictures from each month, had an album out, and served cupcakes with a button on top. She's as cute as a button. :)