Tuesday, August 31, 2010

made an appearance

Well today is the day we meet with the infertility specialist and today is also the day that AF decided to finally show up. It is so funny to me that for 7+ years I have been wanting AF NOT to show up and have a positive pregnancy test  (which has actually happened a couple of times). LOL! Now I am looking forward to AF finally showing up and starting birth control pills so I can get moving toward embryo adoption or egg donation etc.... So today should be an interesting day, I am a little nervous as to what will happen at the docs office and proceeding forward. Only time will tell.
Today I have a lot on my plate but I have also completed a lot in the last couple of days. The consignment sale is over, and I did okay, to be honest I was bummed that I didn't make more money. I heard from a couple of people saying the consignments location and advertising were all poor:(  bummer. Today I go and pick up my left over stuff and pick up my check. The bad part is they don't have appointments for pick up you just come between a certain time- 5 hour time frame which also happens to be right in the middle of our doctors appointment and then getting dinner ready so I am not sure how all that will play out. My daughter started school yesterday and all went well with that other than one sad mommy. I am glad that she did so well. The birthday party this past weekend went well, the kids had a blast, so we only have one more party left- next weekend the family party for my daughter. So I am getting things checked off my list. I think I will have some relief after today's doctors appointment- wish me luck!

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