Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Weekend

We had a Fall filled weekend. Saturday after gymnastics and lunch we headed to H's school for their Harvest Block Party. I was pleasantly surprised with the turn out. I thought since it was a gorgeous day and the event was practically free including the food that it would be packed but thankfully it wasn't. The kids enjoyed doing craft activities, playing in the inflatables, playing the games and enjoying yummy food- hot dogs, nachos, Carmel apples etc and yes it was all free:)Plus it was another reason to wear their cute costumes! We all had a fun afternoon, and I got a great deal on some mums for my flower garden. We headed home and my helpful little helper H, helped me plant my new flowers. As we were working H looks over with a BIG grin on his face, gives me a thumbs up and says "momma sure is a nice day for digging!". Love his little heart. We ended the day with a new recipe- pizza casserole which was a hit. A much better way to end the day than the night before with our car accident. Hubby talked to our insurance agent and we won't thankfully have to pay a penny out of our pocket!
Sunday started out great with surprising the kiddos with homemade biscuits however the rest of the day was not so great. We headed to a local farm for fall fun and pumpkin picking (we were suppose to go last Sunday however we had to have lunch with the in-laws instead and of course last Sunday was gorgeous!). It started raining on the way to the farm and it rained the entire time we were there:( I ended up staying in the car with L because with her wheezing she didn't need to be in the cool damp weather. The other kiddos had fun picking pumpkins, playing in the corn box, riding on the barrel train, doing the corn cannon and of course the hayride to the pumpkin patch. I was really bummed, I had visioned a great family picture with all five of us in our Halloween shirts (girls in their matching pumpkin shirts I had made)on a beautiful fall day in the pumpkin patch. We got no sunny fall day, no family picture. This is the second straight year it's rained on us for pumpkin picking. Not how I had planned to spend Sunday or end our weekend. Hoping for a good week this week!


  1. Sigh. Don't you love fall? The good and the bad. ; )

  2. I just wanted to say hi and thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, we were in Louisville at the zoo :) Loved it! It's our 2nd time there - so great. We were supposed to go to one of the evening events for Halloween, but it didn't work out; there was a fundraiser or something being held that night and it wasn't open to the public. Oh well. We went during the day and loved it!