Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Still Here

Yes I am still here, and reading every one's post :)  I just haven't had much to post about or much time for that matter. This week we marked to major milestones. On Tuesday we celebrated one year since I found out I was pregnant with our sweet little Miss L! WOW- what a year it has been. Then today Miss L turns 4 months old! She is a pure joy, she truly is a sweet sweet baby. She is growing and changing so quickly! We go back to the doctor tomorrow for her 4 month check-up. I say go back because we were just there last week because poor Miss L had a nasty virus, she had diarrhea for over a week and developed a NASTY diaper rash:(  Thankfully she is over the virus and the diaper rash is healing up. While we were at the doctors they put her on the scale and she was a whopping 15.3 pounds!!!!
Miss L is loving tummy time, we got her some new toys including a mirror and she just loves looking at the adorable baby in the mirror and talking to her:) We are still working on rolling over, still haven't quite got that- I think due to limited tummy time because of her spitting up so much.
We are all geared up for Halloween. We went to our local zoo this past weekend for the BIG Halloween party there. All the kiddos seemed to have fun including Miss L who enjoyed watching everything- she went as a Halloween princess wearing a black onsie that says Happy Halloween and has an orange tutu attached. This weekend we have more Halloween activities planned including going pumpkin picking at a farm close by, and going to a fall festival at H's school. We are finally having some fall like weather although today feels more like winter! YIKES it's cold- in the lower 40's with gusty winds making it feel more like 35 degrees, and it't rainy. Good news is the weekend is suppose to be more fall like with warmer temps and sunshine:)
Hope everyone is doing well:)


  1. you are lucky she loves tummy time! she'll be crawling sooN! ackckckkkk!

  2. It's cold here too! It's like we skipped fall weather and went straight to winter! Which means sore throat and earaches! Yuck!
    Glad Miss L is feeling better!